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Can my heart palpitations be connected to vagal nerve stimulation or GERD?

Hi all, I have followed this forum for a while but am new to posting a question.  Please bear with me as this could get lengthy.  I have struggled with anxiety for years... upwards of 25 years.  I am currently 37 years old.  I have had the occasional heart palpitation here & there (mine mostly come in the form of “skipped beats” or “extra beats” in my throat).  But, for the past year I have had terrible episodes with them.  They occur daily, most often all day.  It feels like a skipped or extra beat in my throat & it feels like it takes my breath for a second.  I have also recently started having extreme fatigue & sleepiness.  I can get 8-10 hours of sleep at night but still wake up feeling the intense need for more sleep.  I also have a vibrating sensation in my chest along with feelings of weakness.  My legs & arms will feel like jello.  Almost like my blood sugar is low (I am not diabetic, I just have feelings of low blood sugar) but yet eating doesn’t always help the weakness.  I will occasionally have the palpitations in the form of thumps or thuds in my chest or the sensation of fluttering in my chest.  I do not suffer from tachycardia, though.  The highest my resting HR has gotten has been 100-105 which is still considered normal I think.  I am beginning to get extremely depressed as I have 2 children to take care of & the skipped beats terrify me.  I am in a state of constant fear of sudden cardiac death.  It has started to consume my thoughts.  I used to be an active person, exercising 5 days a week for 45 min to 1 hr.  I am now terrified to exercise as I am afraid it will cause my heart to go into a fatal rhythm.  I also have spells of continuous yawning that has me concerned my vagus nerve is being affected.  I suffer from GERD as well.  I am beginning to think it is all related.  I have an appointment with a cardiologist this week.  I am wondering if I also need to see a Gastroenterologist as well.  I used to take Omemprazole for GERD but have recently stopped taking it.  I also took Celexa for 9-10 years for anxiety but weaned off of it last year.  I am not a fan of medications so I prefer not to take any.  I have started Aloe Vera juice for the GERD & it has helped.  I do not consume caffeine & try to eat a decent diet.  This forum has helped ease my mind but, I also cannot help the nagging worry in the back of my mind.  Is there anyone who has suffered similar symptoms??  
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I should also add I have had multiple EKGs always showing NSR.  I have worn a 24 hour holtor monitor 2 different times & have had good good results with both.  Although, my heart wasn’t “acting up” either time... of course!!  So the sensation in my throat has yet to be captured on paper.  I have also had an echo done which came back normal.  
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