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Cardiograph App Question

Has anyone used it? I am a 33 yo male. I had an ablation for WPW in 2004. I have had no episodes of it since then. I have dealt with anxiety for about 6 or so years now. It was fairly well under control until just recently. I am pretty sure what I am experiencing is my anxiety again, but it has me worried about some sort of heart rhythm problem. It has me convinced of a fib. So I have downloaded a couple apps, and like this one the most so far. Cardiograph uses the camera to give you an idea of your hear rate. However, sometimes when starting I get a couple really close together and then a little pause, but then it is usually normal after that. I also sometimes get stretches like that in the middle of it. I know these things can be a little fickle, and movement can throw it off. However, I sometimes don't feel like I am moving. My BPM is actually quite normal as well usually between 60-90 while sitting. However, it seems tough to discern a real issue from my anxiety issue.

So I was just seeing if anyone has used these apps, and what they thought.
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Wont work very effectively.. Just feel your pulse for a rate.

If you insist on picking something up i recommend the kardia mobile ecg system.. Its 99 dollars and the size of a usb stick.
Kardia btw can not only tell you a rate but can give a fairly accurate ecg readout that can be interpreted by a nurse, tech or physician
Yeah I had seen Kardia just not sure I can justify the expense especially since it is more than likely anxiety. I have had numerous EKGs, echos, stress tests, holters, and even event monitors. Everything always comes back normal heart wise. The app does seem to do a decent job of getting the rate just didn't know if anyone has used anything like that to monitor the rhythm. Or I guess even what sort of rhythm I should expect if it were afib (even if i was just checking the pulse manually). Thank you so much for the help though!!
You'll be hardpressed to ID Afib without an actual ECG.

Sure Afib produces an irregular heart rate..

But so does PVC's.. PAC's.. Flutters with Variable conduction, heart blocks, respiratory variation etc. In light of the myriad of things that can do wrong you can't expect to get anything out of a pulse check except just that, a pulse..

Maybe some PVC's if you got sensitive fingers and learn what they feel like.
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