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Cold drinks and atrial flutter

38yr old male diagnosed by Cardiologist with "classic" atrial flutter.  Had catheter ablation performed.  Doc could not quite reproduce flutter during electric study.  So he performed the ablation using a trace from a captured episode.  Three months after ablation, had another episode, so I'm a bit bummed out.

The arrythmia follows the same exact pattern.  I exercise (cardio or weights) for about an hour.  I get a shower afterwards with no problem (10 to 20 minutes goes by).  

KEY ISSUE: After my shower, I get a cold fitness shake (containing frozen yogurt, protein powder, bananas, peanut butter, ice).  Almost as soon as the first sip hits my system (barely seconds to one minute goes by)...the atrial flutter begins.  It has happened this same exact way before and it happened again after my ablation.

Question:  Could a cold fitness replenishment drink be triggering my atrial flutter? Something in the drink causing my heart to react?  If not, it seems very highly correlated.  But quite an odd trigger.  
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I, too, notice that very cold drinks will exacerbate my Atrial Fib...It's known as "Deglutition induced SVT" it is an uncommon condition postulated to be a vagally mediated phenomenon due to mechanical stimulation. Patients usually present with mild symptoms or may have severe debilitating symptoms.

Treatment with Class I agents eg. Flecanaide, Propafenone which are both Na channel blockers, beta blockers (BB's), calcium channel blockers (CCB's) has shown to be an effective therapy in treating this type of induced Tachy Arrhythmia problem.

Hope this helps to answer your question and concern. Have you discussed this with your Cardiologist?
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As Brooke mentions, it can be caused by mechanical stimulation, through vagus / sympathicus stimulation, or simply because left atrium is a close neighbour to esophagus, cold drinks can certainly trigger PACs, and it's really not ulikely it can trigger other arrhythmias, too.
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Thanks for that info!  I have an appointment on Monday to chat with my Cardio Dr. about the recent event.  I really don't want to do yet another ablation.  Will have to do some more reading with some of these new terms (Deglutition induced SVT) and vagus/sympathicus stimulation as posted by is_something_wrong.  How'd you find this stuff?  
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Being a registered nurse I have access to many professional journals as well as a few friends who happen to be Dr's. I have definitely learned alot by reading, more than I did in college...LOL...

I hope that your appt. yields you a simple solution to this. Keep us posted :)
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Just giving you a heads up hh1224 i think what may also be helpful to you is that you also have access to all of the medical journals as well so you can access them yourself either on line or at your local library.  Many docs use the PDR or Physicians Desk Reference or you can go onto sites that the New England Journal of Medicine puts out as well and the AMA or American Medical Association.  I also had a pretty heavy duty medical background as Brooke does and think that all members should be aware that everything that we are privy to is also available to all forum members as well.  The only thing that i would seriously caution you on however is to definately do not use what you read or re search to self diagnose but at least you will be fully informed on the possiblities as well as what the normal treatment plan is and what options are open to you.  Bear in mind that both nurses and doctors go thru extensive training but the same info is there for you for general knowledge and at least in researching yourself you will know what the appropriate questions are for the docs and what to ask during your appt. instead of their "telling" you.  It is after all your body and you know it best and the doc should be open to question and answers...good luck to you.....
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After I commented, I actually visited your profile and read a little bit of your background.  Thanks to you, cindy707 and is_something_wrong for highlighted the available materials.

I'll let you know what my Doc says on Monday.  I'll reiterate that my pattern of flutter onset is regular and predictiable literally to the minute after my workout routine and cold beverage.  I'm hopeful that there is some simple solution that'll help me limit the episodes just by adjusting my routine.  But predicting the days it'll happen are like predicting the stock market recently.
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