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Do you experience shiver, quiver or shaking with PVC's or PAC's?

Hello Everyone,

I am curious when people refer to "flutter" from a PVC or PAC would you also classify that as a tremble, shiver shake or quiver??   I actually looked it up in the dictionary and those fit into it. See Below.  ;-)

My 21 day monitor is now off and I am worried that maybe I am now feeling something different (which probably is unlikely).   I'm feeling more of a quiver or shake in my chest it just seems shocking to me.  I do know stress from PVCs or PACs can in themselves cause you to notice them.  I thought I used to just feel skipped beats.

Just curious if anyone can share if they experience those with PVCs or PACs alone?  Thanks so much.


flutter  [fluht-er] Part of Speech: verb
Definition: wave rapidly, flap
Synonyms:  agitate, bat, beat, dance, drift, flicker, flit, flitter, flop, fluctuate, hover, lop, oscillate, palpitate, pulsate, quaver, quiver, ripple, ruffle, shake, shiver, swing, throb, tremble, vibrate, wiggle, wobble
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The word “flutter” in medical use, especially in cardiology, has a specific meaning -- Atrial Flutter is an arrhythmia similar to atrial fibrillation (A fib), which could result in palpitations, lightheadedness, even loss of consciousness.  In common usage “fluttering” could certainly used to describe your symptoms of “quiver/shake”, which could be a result from PVCs or PACs.  If the feeling is more sustained (ie. lasts 30 seconds or more), there should be concern that you are actually having atrial fibrillation or atrial aflutter.
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Thank you.

My 21 day event showed PVCs and PACs and I did have one run of NSVT.  I since had a cardiac MRI (normal), heart catherizaton (normal), and stress echo.  All tests are normal.

I am on beta blockers now.  They never said anything to me about A Fib or Atrial Flutter.

They also said that in a healthy heart, that v-tach is normal.  This was confirmed by a cardiologist and two different electrophisiologist.

Thank you for your input!

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Yes, I experience a fluttery feeling.  Like a muscle spasm.  Because, well, that's what's happening.

I've had PACs and PVCs my whole life, and had them while hooked up to EKGs.  I can call them as I feel them.  I'm not sure why, but my cardiology and the med assistants thought this was weird.  PVCs have a much stronger feeling.  The ventricles have a lot more muscle mass than the atria, so yea it feel different.

I wish I had a movie to show folks what's going on when these ectopics happen, especially PVCs.  It's hard to explain in writing.  

I attempted to in the post below.  look for itdood in the post for a possibly more complex explanation than you are looking for:

But yes, most people can feel them as a spasm or quiver, and the feeling will vary based on the timing of the premature beat in the heart's cycle.
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I started having different PVCs(? ).  They feel like a shiver coming up my body and if I do not lie down, I will fall down. Everything is going black. It goes away quickly and happens randomly, even in bed. I have extreme anxiety with these "shivers ".
Anyone else experience these shivers?
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PVC's and PAC's can cause different feelings at different, mine are different when I eat or when I lie down from the ones I have when sitting, I think at times body position can definitely have a bearing on how the "skips" feel.
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