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Heart palpitations after one glass of wine

I've noticed that after just one glass of wine, a few hours later, i get heart palpitations that last for a while.  It doesn't feel irregular, just a constant thumping.  I do notice that if I drink some water, it helps.  Also, last night, I woke up with my heart beating hard twice, then a couple of seconds passed (almost felt like it stopped), then once again hard almost out of my chest.  Also, sometimes if I'm laying on my left side, i feel like my heart flutters for a few seconds.  I have had a complete cardiac work up a few months ago including echo, EKG, sonogram/ultrasound, 24-hour monitor, and stress test and all were normal, except for a finding of benign sinus tachycardia.  I also have suffered from anxiety for years, so not sure if this is a factor.  Should I worry that the doctor possibly missed something?
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Hi, your symptoms sound so similar to some of mine! I have ventricular bigeminy, this is where I have a normal heart beat followed by a beat where the ventricle contracts on it's own, while it hasn't had chance to fill up with blood. The next beat is normal again and there is often a real thump! My doctor told me this is nothing at all to worry about and to ignore it. I do feel for you, it's so frustrating to have tests but no real explanation. I too worry deeply that the doctor has missed something. In my case it's several different doctors though, but I still worry. I've been having counselling and this has started to help a bit.

Worst of all is the alcohol though! It definitely makes my heart flutter and skip, but not every time.. Sometimes, like last Friday night, I have a few drinks and I'm fine! Makes me enjoy those nights even more :-).  On the bright side, if were drinking less we should be healthier!

Try googling cognitive behaviour therapy.
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Thank you so much.  It's so scary when that happens.  I feel better knowing i'm not alone.  I do enjoy having at least one glass of wine with dinner once a week.  I'm just hoping I don't need to stop that all together!
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If you are talking about red wine...you may want to do research on it...red wine is one of the big no no's when it comes to heart rhythm issues......just a thought.
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My cardio said the same on red wine..he said I could have it but would probably suffer afterwards with palps...he told me white wine was better if I was going to drink. Also, some people can't have wine b/c of the sulfites. There is sulfite free or organic wines, but you may have to order it. We went to our annual Mardi Gras Ball last night, and I don't drink, but my husband has to dance EVERY dance. I did ok, felt some skips and flutters, but when I got home, could not sleep because of the rapid pulse and skips..it's very annoying..but I'm going to keep on dancing!
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Hi, I drank Vodka Schnapps on Friday night (its 20% alcohol I think), previously tried beer and that caused PVCs. So was your cardiologists advice that white wine is best of any alcohol? Im not an alcoholic, lucky because I darent drink most of the time, but... Frankly, if i knew it was not going to cause PVCs id consider anything (short of anti-freeze lol)
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So exercise causes these reactions as well?  What CAN we do??  I found it odd that after my stress test which raised my heart rate significantly, I had palpitations for hours after that.  My cardio didn't think anything of it when I called him, but it scared me nearly to death.  I want to start exercising, but I'm scared of that same reaction!
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NO- My cardio said I should NOT drink any alcohol but if I did, white wine should have less affect than red wine. Some people continue to drink alcohol with no problems, but I still have PVC's and PAC's while drinking or not, so I choose to not drink any. I just drink Cranberry juice and the sugar gets my energy going....which also causes the palps (from the sugar I'm assuming).
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I do have recovery PVC's after I exercise. Many people don't, but they are profound after I haven't exercised in a while. You should always get your doctors consent before you exercise. My doctors told me my heart was a muscle and needed exercise. I do find I feel better the day after I walk on the treadmill as long as I got enough rest the night before. I believe anxiety plays a HUGE part in my palps. I am waiting on that miracle cure and hopefully one day they will find a cure for PVC's...I just hope it's in my lifetime! When I begin exercising again, I start very slow...1/4 mile for 2-3 nights, then 1/2 mile and so on. The first day is the worst with the recovery PVC's. I also can't eat MSG, fried foods, caffeine, a lot of sugar, and carbs are hard on me.
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Wow, I never realized how many things have an effect.  I eat a lot of chocolate and sugar.  I'm sure that's part of the problem.  Time to change my diet, I suppose.  It's a little disheartening (excuse the pun) because I feel the few joys I have are being taken away from me, but I guess it could always be worse!  
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Hi. Im bri. Im 19. I can relate to alot. my heart flutters and it scares the s*** out of me. I had a few EKGs done in recently a sonogram on my heart. of course everything came out normal. the few days before I got my sonogram the doctor can hear a slight murmur in my neck. now when I was little my doctor told me I would grow out of it. because my old doctor when I was a baby also found a slight little murmur. I've been smoking cigarette since I was 15. definitely not as heavy as I used to be. I have called the ambulance on myself a couple of times..  because I would get in the stages so where if I was cleaning or mopping are picking up my laundry to put it in the washer. I would bend down really fast in pick something  up in my heart would go crazy fast and irregular. also if I lay on my left side on my right side or on my stomach my heart will flutter also. when I exercise and when I don't smoke that much I feel so much better. I've cut down a lot and I'm proud of myself. I'm trying  to eventually get rid of them.
sometimes my heart will be fast and skip.
they've done  ekgs and sonograms my doctor claims it's from stress and anxiety. and I believe her. she trying to diagnose me on anxiety pills. my moms and dads brothers heart flutters to.  
but I'm guessing if it was that serious and they would have seen something. just sharing my story some can relate some cannot. in my eyes they say that its normal then let it go.
you're going to be okay
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I always have some pvcs but they werent that bad when i was drinking white wine and I switched to red this last month,  pvcs have gotten so much worse,  I'm switching back to white, I 'll let you know how it goes.
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