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I don't know what my heart is doing.

My heart sudden feels weird. I am not sure if it beats faster or skips a beat. It lasts like 3 seconds, not very long but I don't know what it means. It has happened to me before but its usually when I have fallen asleep and wake up and I can't move. What is it?
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No one can say for sure without it being captured on a monitor but it sounds like some premature beats, maybe a run of pacs.  In an otherwise healthy heart it isn't much of a concern.  they are not a danger to you especially if you have no other concerning symptoms with them like shortness of breath or chest pain. This said, you may want to get checked out by a doctor to be sure your heart is healthy.   Once you are sure your heart is healthy it would be a matter of watching the biggest triggers.  It is hard to totally get rid of them but avoiding caffeine, sugar and carbs and anything that causes stomach issues, especially acid reflux will help.  Doing a proper warm up and cool down when exercising and staying well hydrated is important.  And working on stress and anxiety are key.  those are the biggest triggers.  Work on them and you may be able to clear the issue up for the most part. Take care.  
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