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Is this normal sensation for PVC

Hi Folks, I hope everyone is doing well! First and foremost, I knew nothing about PVC/skipped beats until I saw a cardiologist to talk about it. The first time I experienced it was when I was masturbating.. I thought I was having a heart attack because I felt a terrible sensation in my chest and it felt like it took my breath away. it was super worrisome so I decided to get an ECG and 2D-Echo gram and the doctor reassured me that my heart is structurally okay.. my heart rhythm is okay too.

My doctor explained to me that it was not a heart attack and it was just a Premature heart beat/skipped beats which are benign is my case and could be related to my high cholesterol levels.

It still happens mostly when I masturbate and I am not convinced that this is normal because this never happened before. What could be the reason it happens? When it happens, the sensation is kinda hard to describe but its scary, it felt like someone shocked my heart and took my breath away and it follows a sinus tachycardia and everything is normal again but it leaves me super anxious.

I've been searching heart problems online and I found some terminologies like "Afib" and v-fib", can someone here reassured me that is not the case? Did anyone here experience this weird sensation? Can this be a sign that my heart is weak and I just need some exercise?
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