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Metoprolol and weight gain

I am on metoprolol 25 mg daily. I had been on a diet and lost around 20 pounds. I started on the metoprolol and in 4 months I have almost regained what I lost. And I have basically continued to watch what I eat. Has this happened with anyone else? Do other beta blockers have this effect as well? My husband is on a beta blocker, and he does not have this problem.
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This is a common compaint with (at least) Metoprolol.  It's the only one I've ever taken, so I can't compare.  I gained almost 45 pounds which pushed my blood sugar into the danger zone, which I'm now on a diet to lose before I have to go on Metformin for that.  I have 90 days to show an improvement.  My recommendation to you would be to cut nearly all carbs from your diet.  I restrict myself to less than 50 a day. That, and walk.  I lost 5 pounds in my frst week on this regime.  After I lose what I want, I'll reintroduce carb at a responsible amount.  I just turned 60, and I remember when I couldn't feed my body enough carbs.  I could eat an entire pizza, and I weighed just 135 lbs!  You know what they say about getting old...........
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Now that the weather is getting better, I plan to get out an walk every day possible, if not twice a day. I will start the diet again and lose this weight. I was just wondering if anyone else had the same problem. Thanks.
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Hi, I have been on Atenolol for the past 10 years.  Beta blockers are known for causing weight gain, which is something I didn't know when I was put on this medication.  I have gained 50 pounds over the last 10 years and I definitely believe it is because of the atenolol.  Prior to taking beta blockers, I NEVER had a weight problem.  On the few occasions that I did gain weight (usually over the holidays), I was able to diet and exercise and get the weight down to where it should be with no problem.  Not anymore.  I have complained to my PCP many times over the years, and he refuses to even consider that the meds could be causing the problem, says I am getting older and my metabolism is slowing down, premenopausal weight gain, eating too much, etc.  I don't eat any more than I used to, in fact I eat less and still gain.  And like tom_h, I was told recently that I am at risk for diabetes and other problems and I have to lose weight.  But it's a Catch22, I can't lose weight because of the meds.  My cardiologist agrees with me and has told me that once I have the ablation next week and once I'm off the meds, he's betting I will have little problem losing weight.
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I am on Amlodipine and Metoprolol. Prior to starting this I was doing well on an 1100 calorie very low carb diet and I also hit the gym for 2 hours a day. I have not lost any weight in over three weeks. I would like to do a trial of not taking the b/p meds. I think the only reason my b/p went up was because I had gained 40 pounds. I have a home cuff and will monitor myself and lucky for me when my pressure goes up I get a headache.
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I’ve gained 45 lbs on metrometoprolol 20 when I was taking 50mg 3x a day and 25 more on the 200mg x2 been on weight watchers for 5 months faithfully and have only lost 9 lbs !! It’s horrible!!
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