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Need some help asap thanks. Was this a PVC or Ectopic attack due to stress?

Queston, I had 3 small 20 second episodes of where my heart started tobeat with extra beats in between the next beat or a pause and then a hard beat and then a few more extra beats like many fast premature beats between two regular beats. Is this a PVC or Ectopic?

I was feeling anxious, stressed, have alot on the go and also drank a very heavily caffeinated beverage from Starbucks. I breathed myself out of it .

I also noticed these attacks would occur when I would clear my chest/throat hard.

Like is that because it stimulates the vagus nerve which is already irritated because of my anxiety or stress? I'm taking much better care of myself now. Resting when I need to, sleeping better, practicing mindfulness, using essential oils, decompressing. I was just working a full time job before, growing 2 businesses, working out, always out meeting people, always go go go with min rest. Now I'm more balanced. However wonder what the episode today was. Thanks

I had an attack like this months ago when I was stressed, dehydrated, over caffeinated, etc.
I'm feeling fine now.
Any advice is appreciated.

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If that was it, and its happened since then....have it evaluated. Could be non-sustained V-tach as someone suggested, and you don't wont to toy around with any form of V-tach.
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Agree with above answers most common are atrial premature beats, regardless, any rhythm issues I advise see your doc confirm the rhythm By holter and make sure your heart checks out normal I.e echocardiogram and avoid triggers if rhythm is benign.
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Atrial dare typically asymptomatic though and lower burden in patients who present with them.

Usually in my experience a PVC is the answer
More likely NSVT rather than isolated PVC.
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I have had similar, they sound like either PAC's or PVC's. or maybe even atrial runs. Have you ever worn a holter monitor or talked to your GP or cardiologist about this?  I have also had them when I take a deep breath. For me, stress brings them on big time as does eating and drinking water due to my hiatal hernia and vagus nerve.

I can not drink anything with even a trace of caffeine, it really makes my heart act up, even de-caf. it does that a lot to folks I know.

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Sounds more like NSVT to me.
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Well, sounds like you have triggers you suspect. So refrain from those things I guess..

Caffeine isn’t typically a trigger, so moderation is probably fine unless it persists
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