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New (kinda) onset of pvc.. Any input appreciated


Longtime lurker here, and reading the posts here helped a lot. Quick story is Im 27 male, generally healthy and exercise frequently,  first told I had pvc 5 yrs ago and told it was stress related and not to worry about it, and couple months later it went away. Now starting 2 mo ago it came back and has been pretty constant daily. All my exams have been normal and no other real symptoms other than pure annoyance and anxiety.

I do notice very specific pattern. For ex, pvcs never happen until 3-4 hrs after I wake up. And it also goes away for about 6-8 hrs after I exercise (so I've been more motivated to exercise which is good I guess). I've been trying multiple stuff such as different magnesium, although I keep switching every week or so cause I don't get immediate relief so maybe I should try sticking to one. But my specific pattern with sleep and exercise makes me think this is more hormone related? Anybody experienced this?

One other thing is that I was a pretty heavy mj smoker for the past yr, and I noticed pvcs come back once I quit 2mo ago so maybe it's related as well, although I would think 2mo is long enough for it to wash out of my system?  I am also more anxious person at baseline and recently started a new job which has been stressful.

Any input on how to better deal with this would be appreciated. Thanks so much!
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I think your change of job could be the root cause of your PVCs. I doubt it has anything to do with quitting smoking mj or different types of magnesium supplements.

If your PVCs indeed are stress related (which it sounds like they are) a small dose of beta blockers may help. But the best treatment is to try to accept them. Don't try to "never have PVCs" - by doing so you label them as dangerous or something you can't deal with. Just let them be there - and change your focus to something else.

Easier said than done, of course. But there are billions of people with PVCs out there, and most people ignore them or don't notice them.

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