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PVC's or Something more?

I'm 37, mild smoker, use to be heavy drinker and not so much anymore. I'm not overweight and exercise weekly. I JUST got told about 3 months ago i have a little high cholesterol and BP which i take meds for. I never had those before.

For about 10 years I've had this feeling of my heart feels like it pauses and i can feel it in my chest and up my throat. Then 1-2 seconds its not too bad, just very odd and scary. If it pauses for 3-4 seconds its a big THUD of a heart beat and I can feel it in my whole body like a " tingly whoosh" and almost makes me catch my breath. I have gotten dizzy one time from it years ago. They come and go as they please. I DO have a little anxiety when it comes to heart related issues. My dad had a heart attack before he was 50 so that puts me in the higher risk factor. EVER since then I've been i guess much more paranoid i will have one also? Not like crazy but just, I think about it more and worry a little more.

Well years a go i had an ekg and they only show if your having an episode. I tried the Holtier monitor for like 2 days but i work in a humid hot warehouse and it just kept coming off and leaving rashes so i took it off. Well then i just ignored it for a while and all the sudden i didn't feel them much anymore. Then about every few months i get these episodes, usually not too long, a couple days of it and about 7-10 times a day id feel them. well for about 4 days ive felt them but they are almost every few minutes or so. seems to be more frequent and its super scary sometimes because im afraid its hurting my heart or i have some sort of heart problem....

Sometimes it takes the joy right out of whatever your doing even if its the whole day. And seems like it will never stop. Im glad there is support here! But does this sound like normal PVCs? I hate this so much, i just want it fixed like everyone else. I DO tend to get stressed easily. I never use to until i started paying attention to the world now and people... Any one know if this is some what normal??
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