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Post AWMI-diabetic chances of living with EF 30%

  Post AWMI (2007) .  Aged 61,male. Recent echo shows severe hypokinesis   Left ventricle Ejection Fraction  30%
Also diabetic type II hypertensive  MI reverted through thrombolysis. presently bradycardiac Sticks to medications and exercises. Life style changes effected . What is the life expectancy? Would moderate drinking of alcohol help cardiac output or worsen it?
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Sorry to see you haven't gotten in helpful insight.  I can't help but respond to suggest an EF of 30% should be survivable unless it is just a point on an every decreasing EF.   What has your doctor told you about the EF causes and expected future performance?

I am one who believes moderate drinking of alcohol would have negligible affect on the EF.  Here I use moderate to be one, maybe two classes of wine or equivalent a day.  Still alcohol may have bad effects on other aspects of your life, such as medications you're taking.  

My EF is fine, I suffer from atrial fibrillation.  I usually have a 12 oz beer with my evening meal.  I sometimes substitute a glass of wine, or if it is a social environment I may have both over a two hour period. I have never associated any positive or negative affects from such moderate drinking.
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  In my case I used to consume a couple of drinks a day prior to the onset of AWMI in 2007. Since then, I haven't touched alcohol or smoke as part of a firm decision. Now I feel myself having a stance on moderate consumption of alcohol in an effort to maintain social interaction patterns. Will there be any danger if I opt to do that?
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