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Question as to what this heart rhythm sounds like

The other night I was awoken with my heart pounding and when I took my pulse or attempted to  I could feel what was a lumlum very close together then pause dum.. does this sound like pvcs or pacs? I should also note I was severely out of breathe to the point it felt like all air was sucked out of me and also dizzy.. any input is appreciated. Ty
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Good answer by SK3510!  I think the difference is that PVC is in the lower chamber and PAC is in the upper chamber and both feel similar.  I agree that talking to your doctor is best and they may request further evaluation. But usually these turn out to be non worrisome events.  https://www.umcvc.org/conditions-treatments/premature-ventricular-contractions-pvcs-and-premature
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It could be either a PVC or a PAC which both are Benign in a normal structured heart. It is impossible to say from feeling the pulse whether the extra beat you felt was a PVC or PAC. Did you ever get an ECG or Echo done? If you did and those were normal you can ignore those feelings unless you are getting more than fifteen thousand a day. I think you had a panic attack due to a nightmare and such a feeling during panic attack is totally normal and nothing to worry. I suggest that you get a baseline heart check such as an ecg and echo and a holter. If you have already done those and are normal then you have nothing to worry about.
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