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SVT, Ablation, Wellbutrin

Has anyone else w/ SVT taken Wellbutrin (extended release 300mg) either before or after an ablation or both?  Prior to SVT symptoms, I felt great while taking the med.  Limited bouts of depression, lots of energy, loss of unwanted weight...it was great.  However, when I started having SVT attacks in July, my dr took me off of it. I had an ablation in Nov and tried to start back on Wellbutrin a few weeks later but after taking it fo 3 days in I felt like I was having SVT attack.  My EP doctor said I was having side effect b/c my does was too high and I should try 150mg to ease by body back into it. I never had problems before at 300 mg so this seemed weird to me.  I've taken it every other day for several days now and although I am not having "attacks", my chest does burn a bit more and my heart rate seems to race slightly.  I'd really like to get back on this med b/c it so beneficial to me in dealing w/ other problems but now I am scared of it.  I have always been very healthy and active but I am scared of every little thing since my heart problem surfaced.  I am only 29 so I'd really like to have a long, healthy life.  Does anyone no if Wellbutrin can cause heart problems?  I can't seem to find anything specifically that says it will and my EP doctor didn't seem to worried about it but it just feels wierd now.  I would really appreciate input and advice w/ this.  
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Wellbutrin has SVT listed as a common side effect.

You being scared of it now could be causing some anxiety.  Wellbutrin can also trigger anxiety when you first start on it, as I've heard it's somewhat of a stimulant.  

Always ramp up and down when starting/stopping these meds.  Wellbutrin is an SNRI, similar to SSRIs.  You should always start slowly.  WHen coming off it, you should always taper down to prevent rebound effects.  Wellbutrin starter kits directly from the manufacturer starts off at low doses and increases the dose over the course of 3 weeks.
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