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atrial flutter....im scared

Hi i have been diagnosed with atrial flutter and im really scared. i am 24 and am now on diltiazem lowest dose. i am very symptomatic to meds. i was on metoprolol and i had bad asthma with it. so recently i was switched. well i am a nursing student ready to graduate and am pretty fond of the heart and conduction, so i am affraid of things like clot formations and the fact that the medicine isnt stopping the flutters. if i up my dose i get very dizzy and feel like i have motion sickness like the floor is moving from under me. its really odd, anywho...i dont feel safe practicing in the hospital under these conditions, but my heart is out of control! i was instructed by my cardiologist to excercise and i went to the gym and within 5 min of the eliptical my hr went into the 180's and stayed up for several minutes. i was very symptomatic and scared. i had an event monitor and it clearly shows a flutter, sinus tach and sinus brady <40bpm. i am so affraid it is starting to give me anxiety. this is not good for my heart also. i am going to see a friend electrophysiologist at the hospital i work at but am wondering if there is anything i should ask. i want to be prepared for this visit. i dont want to prolong it. should i be on a baby aspirin 81mg? PLEASE HELP:(

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Diltiazem does that - it can make you feel dizzy, tired and give you a whopper of a headache. It took me about 2 weeks to adjust to the medication and another 2 weeks before the headache went away completely.

Any idea how long your flutter lasts? If it happens frequently and lasts for a half hour or so, you may need aspirin or some other blood thinner. That's something you should discuss with your doctor. It wouldn't hurt to ask.
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hi my a-fib, a-flutter & v-tach r getting out of control 2!  my cardio wanted me2take diltiazem, but when i found out bout the drug i refused because im allergic 2 alot of the ingredients & faint alot , headaches etc already.  its rediculous..what do we do???????
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