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exercise with permanent atrial fib

is fairly strenuous 45 min. per day bicycle riding dangerous for some one with a history of permanent a fib. does it encourage or discourage the development of congestive heart failure. i am 77 years old with a by pass 32 yrs ago and have always exercised aerobically but now i'm wondering if i'm doing the right thing. i have a pacemaker and am on 360 mg of cardizem, 50 mg of cozaar, .125 digoxin and 5mg warafin per day would appreciate any feed back from docs or forum contrributors. with this regimen i am asymptomatic
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I suffer from permanent AFib and my cardiologist says I should exercise, even with AFib.  It is good to engage in physical exercise so long as you control the level to prevent over taxing your heart.

Because of the AFib my rest HR is high, in the 80s even with 150 mg of Metoprolol (BB) every day.  So I don't have a lot of room for exercise.  I try to keep my HR below 150 and hold any sustained HR to below 140.  With these restrictions I can ride a bike on level or slight grade, same for walking.  
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