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heart cell scar regeneration

hi are any of you aware of heart cells regenerating after ablations.  I have had five surgeries (two last year with one ablation using over 900 points ablated and a minimaze with over 800 points on the outside of the heart).  My last surgery was 3 weeks ago and my doctor was dumbfounded as he has done 2 of my surgeries and has the disk from the minimaze and said if he didnt do them himself he would have thought i never had any heart procedures, my heart has no scarring whatsoever and it can only be that the cell have regenerated somehow.  After some research, i have found that they are doing research with stem cells and lab animals but havn't come across anyone regenerating cells such as i have.  The problem i have is for my afib and tachy to stay away i need the scars to remain.  Anyone else familiar with this?  Also if anyone knows any researchers looking into this maybe my unique physiology may be of interest to them and I'd be willing to talk with them.  Thanks for any input.  ShawnVE, Ph.D.
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just bumping the post to stay on the main page.  Around this board we hear about people having initial success with these procedures only to have the problem come back.  Hopefully someone who's had specific experience will be along to help.

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