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heart palpitations, failed stress test...

I am a 40 y/o female. I have just recently had a neck ultrasound,echo,worn the holter monitor, and had a treadmill stress test.I had these tests done due to having two abnormal EKG's and having continual heart palpitations for the last 5 weeks. I notice them mostly when I am sitting doing something. I was diagnosed when I was about 16 with having mitral valve prolaps/regurg. I had rheumatic fever when I was four w/heart murmur. My current test results were: neck ultrasoind-normal, Echo-showed the MVP, the holter monitor-showed PVC's, the stress test-I failed. My dr explained that during rest there was more blood flow in my heart as compared to the stressed test.
Mr dr said I had three choices: I could do nothing and continue on the meds I was currently on(I've never taken anything for MVP), or I could start taking a beta blocker(he gave me metoprolol 25mg) and he said that he would suggest me having a heart cath to see if/where a blockage might be and have it fixed. My question is, does this sound like the right direction I should go in, I'm worried about taking the beta blocker and I have a sever allergic reaction to the contrast dye when I had it done at the age of 16. Is this something I should act on right away, I am scheduled to go back to my heart dr in march after being on the beta blocker that long. at that time, I would most likely have to schedule the heart cath. I am just really concerned about the heart palps that I am feeling all of a sudden(constantly- because I have had them off and on as far as I can remember-just not constant)
Thanks for any information.

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hi Kelly, I also have MVP (severe regurgitation, moderate atrial enlargement , ventricular hypertrophy).
Why did you have the ultrasound of your neck? I'm interested because I suspect I have a deep throat infection as all of my problems started after surgery in this area and dental abscessing.
I've been on several different anti arrythymic medications but I now find I'm better off on a strict diet (think raw salmon - I even have small portions frozen to chew when I get irregular heartbeats- really works ). Basically I live on fish , potato and salad and ginger tea (spring water with grated ginger). Probably sounds weird or boring but it generally controls the symptoms and is way better than living in fear. Clean air helps irregular heartbeats too, if you live in the city consider a Honeywell HEPA filter, I was amazed at how much better I felt after using one. Meditation helps too.
If possible try these and hopefully when you get to see Dr you may not require the treatments he is suggesting.  Be well.
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