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heart problem still unknown?

i've been to 2 cardiologists already.. for the past 8 or so years my heart feels like it flutters, skips a beat or has an extra beat, or just does something weird? its hard to explain, ive had echocardiograms, i've worn moniters and have had episodes while wearing the moniter but nothing ever shows up on the moniter so the doctors look at me like im crazy, but i really feel this and even though they tell me my heart is fine and is beating normally, its even more scary to not know what it is that i am feeling.. it happens several times a day everyday.. does anyone know what it could be?
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hi, it could be that the recording devices are not set up to pick up the feelings duration.  For example, my pacemaker is set to pick up atrial fibrillation events but they have to last for over 30 seconds, the shortest time that the pacemaker can pick up.  But in that time, I can have events, same as you, and then the residual symptoms associated with the change in heartbeats can be what you feel and be very real and debilitating.  PVCs PACs can be a single heartbeat and then happen several heartbeats later and never be picked up as anything more than static on the holter monitors - have you used the self-recorded monitors (i.e., you click a button when your having an episode) or ones that recorded everything according to preset criteria.  Anyhow, the PVCs and/or PACs which would be most likely your extra or skipped beat will produce your symptoms if your hypersensitive but alone usually just drive you crazy; I am and feel every beat of my heart but other heart patients don't even notice, I guess its in our physiology.  Some people find it can be associated with foods and liquids - hot or acidic, caffine, cough/sinus/etc. meds.  and so on.  Good luck
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