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palpitation mainly during exercise

why do I only really feel extra or skipped beats during or around exercise times?

I very very rarely feel them when I am resting. Literally maybe once every 4 - 6 weeks.

However I workout 5 times a week, and feel them maybe 4 if not 3 of them workouts!

I've had a echocardiogram, a 24hr holter and a 48hr holter and also a stress test.

Only thing that was revealed was ' inappropriate sinus tach ' due to anxiety during stress test.

The time this stress test was done I didn't happen to have any skipped beats, nor shortly after.

Like I say this happens 3 maybe 4 times out of 5. Why are these happening only really on exertion?
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When you exercise your heart is getting signals from two sources to beat fast.  One is from nerve cells from the brain.  The other is from  hormones, the endocrine system, in particular adrenaline.    You have some cells in your heart predisposed to ectopic beats (called enhanced automaticity, or EA).  This is not uncommon.  Nerve signals and/or adrenaline can make EA more likely, hence you will get more when you exercise.

This is just one logical explanation.  There could be others.  Don't worry about it.  I've been getting them since I was in my late teens and I exercise like a crazy man.  48 now and still healthy heart.
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lol itdood
made me smile! What do you rekon i do?  Do i ask my gp for a referal to clarify this on a holter for 28 days? If anything, i fear it being A-fib, PSVT or even NSVT. Most of them happen in recovery phase - within 60 seconds of stopping. What my question is - Why dont one or two happen? Why is it 4 5 or even 6 in what feels like consecutive rhythm
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When you think of the things you imagine it might be, follow that all the way through to the management of the issue.  In the case of a-fib, PSVT, and NSVT, there really isn't any way to manage them, or prevent them from getting worse, if that's what it is.

That's what I learned when I was in the "a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing" stage.  I went through imagining it was all sorts of bad stuff.  In the end, managing what I thought it was isn't possible with medication or surgery.  So I moved on and didn't die yet!  I just soldier on.
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