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rapid heart rhythm and loss of air

I am a 52 years old and I have suffered from irregular heart rhythm for several years. Last year I visited the cardiologist and had many test done, he gave me medication and my problem got better. A few months ago my treatment was over, a few weeks ago my problems began again. I can't sleep because of how fast my heart beats feel, my hearts feels like its going to jump out of my chest. I also have a hard time breathing, it used to be that this only happened if I was doing many activities at once, know it seems like my heart can't catch a break. I'm very worried I also have diabetes and high blood pressure. Should I begin the same treatment again or visit the emergency room?
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You haven't told us anything about the "treatment".  Were/are you on a beta blocker?  With high BP I would think that's a possibility and high BP should be treated, all the time.  If you were taking a beta blocker (e.g., Metoprolol) for high BP and it helped calm you irregular heart rhythm, that seems very reasonable.

So, while your situation is not clear to me, it does seem that you need to be on, or go back on, a medication to control your BP, and discuss how to best control your irregular heart rhythm.
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