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stabbing pain after loop recorder

I had a cardiac monitor implanted in April, 2020, and I have been having problems with stabbing pain about 5 a.m. that wakes me up.  Went to the EP and he told me it was arthritis and to take a tylnol.  Does anyone have similar problems?  I'm going for a second opinion the end of May.  
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Is the stabbing pain at the site of the loop implant? If you push in the device under your skin and sort of wiggle it around does it have a big impact on the pain?

Loops are just subcutaneous and not attached to anything like a pacemaker nor are they sutured in place. It’s just hanging out under your skin; so it should be safe to manipulate a bit.

If it’s the device it could just be poorly positioned and you should probably get it explanted and/or repositioned.

You don’t want a pressure injury or anything... not worth it.
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The pain is at the site of the recorder!  The pain does not feel like arthritis to me.  Thank you for your comment:)
No problem! If it’s uncomfortable at the site of the recorder, started after you got the recorder, and hurts when you manipulate the recorder under the skin then yes, it’s probably the recorder.

I agree that arthritis sounds a bit fishy.

You should know the difference between joint pain and a metal object the size of a USB stick pushing on your skin. If you insisted that it’s the recorder I’d be somewhat inclined to believe you and offer you a re-implant in a different location.
Thank you ...sometimes you need to get an opinion from someone else:)
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