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Chronic HBV

Is chronic Hepatitis B is curable??
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Not curable but more or less manageable.
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It is curable. Especially with Replicor. Cures peoples in 7-12 days.
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Unfortunately not a the moment, replicor is still under clinical trials. In 3-4 years should be available if the trials go as it is planned.
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can you please provide a link that shows Replicor cures in 7-12 days, I am interested to read this
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Check the replicor thread it shows it in their report
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The current clinical trials have very little to do with effectiveness of the drug. It is done more to promote  investment. It is like that in western countries - all about money. You have to experience it really to understand what I say.

Replicor has no funds to proceed with further trials. Looks like they are looking for a big pharma buyer.
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