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Detox for our Liver

I am A Hep-B victim, I was diagnosed last Month that I am a Healthy Hep-B Carrier.
but I've just found out that how to detoxify your liver..

1.drink 5 glass of apple juice everyday or eat 5 apples a day for 5 consecutive days.
2.on he six day take no dinner.
3.at 6pm take a teaspoon of Epsom Salt(magnesium sulphate)  with a glass of warm water.
4.at 8pm repeat the same, magnesium sulphate opens the gallbladder ducts.
5.at 10pm, take a half cup olive oil or sesame oil w/ a half cup of fresh lemon juice, mix it well and drink it. the oil lubricates the stones to ease their passage.

the next morning, you will find green stones in your stools, usually they float.
by: Dr. Lai Chiu-Nan

please try this.. after this treatment I feel so great! and yet I saw a lot of stones in my stool..
and now I have my regular exercise 6times a week, w/ vit. and supplements, liveraide, vit.C and multivitamins. for the next 2 months. I will undergo some re check for my liver.. hopefully my result will be negative.. please share this to our fellow brothers and sisters!

if your having a doubt pls. follow this link. http://healthblog.yinteing.com/2007/12/18/removing-gallstones-naturally-by-dr-lai-chiu-nan/
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this is nonsense - we all know eating health is key, but doing misguided routines like eating epsom salt and oil lubricates is just pure voodoo science
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what you're doing is called a liver detox - those green stones are just what comes out after you down a bunch of oil, they're not liver stones, they're not gall stones.
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ok.. if that's the case well then there's nothing I can do about it then ^_^, there's no harm in trying anyway..
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i think this is a kidney detox
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Thanks for sharing. Interesting routine. Why so much olive oil though?  
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When I did a liver cleanse my viral load reduced my alt to went from 133 to 83. I did the Hulda Clarke liver cleanse it was good.

Please report back to us and let us know your results
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Please I am.a carrier of hepatitis b please I need advise on how to become negative please I will try anything but just be honest
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Is this post for real??? Apple juice is so full of sugar.  
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