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How hepatitis B is determined acute or chronic ???

Before a day I was in the hospital for stomach pain, vomiting ... They gave me an infant and an infusion and they let me go home. The next day he was in an infectious clinic and made blood tests for hepatitis. The result was HBsAg POSITIVE.
Today they gave me the final diagnosis of CHRONIC HEPATITIS B WITHOUT DELTA AGENT. Question is how doctors can say that is chronic when it was first time diagnosed ???
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if the virus is present in your body for than 6 months it is chronic
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Just give u to do HBV DNA test & count The virus load. if is high quantity Dr.Determined that it was along time in ur body & it as Chronic infection ..my opinion.
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I'm not a specialist in hepB, but this is what I've read about chronic hepB:
-The anti-Hbc IgM antibodies are negative/not detectable
-The hbeag antigens are mostly negative
-The anti-hbe antibodies are mostly positive
-Liver enzymes are usually within normal ranges
-Hbv dna is normally in the range of a few thousands IU/ml (for untreated patients). Patients under treatment with antivirals could easily attain undetectable hbv dna
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