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Is marrying a HBV infected person safe?

My fiance was detected with HBV +ve when he did few blood tests for employment purpose 3 years back.
Initially he was asked to wait for 6 months and to redo the tests to check the status . After multiple tests he has been found +ve . How to know if he is chronic persistent hepatitis, chronic active hepatitis or chronic active hepatitis with cirrhosis? What will be the survival rate of people with HBV +ve? Is it safe to marry a person with HBV +ve?
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I will answer your safety concerns in the context of medical health.
It is medically safe to marry someone with Hepatitis B if you take the very safe(medically) Hepatitis B vaccine to immunize yourself against HBV. You can have children and do protect them with the now univerisal HBV vaccine at birth. As for your partner, Hepatitis B is a chronic illness, so he will require regular checkups and receive treatment when it is necessary. The treatment will not cure (at the moment) but it should make him live normally with a normal lifespan.
Having said all that, marriages are made in heaven, sooner or later you will come down to earth and make it work. Heaven forbids, divorces are worst than hell.
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