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Vit D3 and side effects

Finally i found a pharmacy in my country (saudi arabia) in Jeddah that sells vit d3
It was in drops form , each drop contains 400 iu of vit d3 ..
The problem in the presecription which attached withthe drug written a risky side effects can damage the kidneys .. And the huge amount of vit d3 ( 1000-3000 iu) it has poisinous that lead to negatively affects on the liver and kidney functions !!!

I was planning to take 5000 iu of vit d3 per day .. However i prefer to lower the quantityper day ..
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The problem in the presecription which attached withthe drug written a risky side effects can damage the kidneys .. And the huge amount of vit d3 ( 1000-3000 iu) it has poisinous that lead to negatively affects on the liver and kidney functions !!!

this is bull*** maybe you have not understood what it says exactly and if you go in the sun you produce 20000iu per hour in sunny countries

only people with a rare disease called paratiroidism or similar can get high calicum in the blood which in turn damages the kidneys, vtamind itself doesn t damage kidneys and has no toxicity

remember that drug makers have tried to put on labels unproven sides effect, to date there are few cases of calcium increase reported worldwide and they involved millions of iu of vit d for 6 months

please review the studies on vitamin d in this website and choose the quantity you need to make normal serum levels.sick people will never get normal vitamin d in serum with less than 5000-10000iu daily, everything is reported in the studies and never believe what a drug maker reports, never, always double ceck the studies to know if those are lies or true
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by the way you can take as much as 650000iu per week and have no effects what so ever on calcium and even if so you just have to check calcium and vit d every 4 weeks and if you find calcium out of range you just need to drink more water to take it down

another way to see calcium increase much earlier is check the calcium on urine instead of serum.
the kidneys start to eliminate excess of calcium in urine long time before you have a rise of calcium in serum, this way you can easily see when you have reached too much vit d

and even if you get abnorml calcium it takes months to damage the kidneys, all this info has been changed by drug makers to scare people and avoid people reachning vitamin d quantities that can cure diseases.they even tried to patent vitamin d3 but it was of course rejected o they made vitamin d2 which is a synthetic form of vitamn d which doesnt even work or is absorbed, vitamin d2 is patented by the way
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vitamin d has no sides effects, it is low vitamin d to make diseases not just sides effects

stdy published nov 2011
Death rate increased 3X for chronic kidney disease if low vitamin D

Is excess calcium harmful to health - 2010


studies on vit d toxicity



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it is very easy to double check the lies, you just have to check the studies your self and of course never use anything without checking serum levels or tests to see when you reach the optimum levels...

Another study gave pregnant women 100,000 IU's per day for the entire length of their pregnancy. The study concluded,"Thus, there is no evidence in humans that even a 100,000 IU/d dose of vitamin D for extended periods during pregnancy results in any harmful effects."

How Much Does it Take to Overdose on Vitamin D
While high Blood Calcium Levels are useful to determine an overdose on vitamin d, it really takes an AMAZINGLY large amount to cause a Vitamin D Overdose. In fact, in East Germany between the 1940's and 1960's, children would ROUTINELY get 6 doses of 600,000 IU's of Vitamin D between birth and 18 months old.

This gave these small children an incredible 3,600,000 IU's of Vitamin D in 18 months. That is Three Million Six Hundred Thousand IU's in 18 months in small children as a ROUTINE hospital procedure for several decades!!

A study called Intermittent High Dose Vitamin D During Infancy questioning this practice's safety noted that, while many of the children developed transient high levels of blood calcium levels, "...all the infants appeared healthy and repeated inquiries... have failed to identify clinical vitamin d toxicity as a result of the prophylactic program...".
Also, it is a common practice for doctors around the world to use a therapy for rickets in infants and children a Vitamin D Therapy called 'Stosstherapy' which gives these children with rickets a one-time Vitamin D Injection of 600,000 IU's.

Again, Vitamin D toxicity and Vitamin D overdose symptoms are Extremely rare- so in the vast majority of cases, if you are taking Vitamin D Supplements, even accidentally taking a full bottle all at once will not cause an Overdose on Vitamin D. However, since a Vitamin D Overdose CAN occur, always Get your Vitamin D Level Checked in order to get your levels up to the 'optimal' Vitamin D Level as recommended by the latest research on vitamin d toxicity and vitamin d therapy.
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to put it simple you will never reach a level that can make calcium increase because you have hbv to block vitamin d and you will find that only 10000iu per day will get you in the 70-100ng/ml range while the range that can increase calcium is 150-500ng/ml, again you ust take the high doses and check serum calcium and vit d25oh and you will be totally safe on any vit d dose
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just an exmple for you i am now taking 25000iu daily because found vitd25oh at 26ng/ml, after one week of 25000iu daily i checked calcium yesterday and it is 9 (abnormal 10.5, toxicity over 15)

monday i should have vit25oh after 1 week at 25000iu to see if it raised, i also bought 50000iu pills because it is impossible to get it normal, it is 2 years that i am trying to keep it normal and it is really a pain even with 10000-20000iu so i decided to go for 50000iu twice a week and then make tests every 4 weeks to finally find a dose that keeps that stable to 60ng/ml
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the minimum for calcium is 8.4, so as you can see i have very low calcium despite 25000iu and also kidneys function better despite all vit d creatinine is 0.78, minimum 0.72 and my usualu values are 9.5, abnormal 1.2

i m sorry but i really hate disinformation to keep people sick, this really gets me crazy and it is all full of this disinformation from drug makers so the only way out is study a little biology or review all studies yourself so nobody can fool you
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Your fruitfull information is appreciated ..

The drug makers are either ignorants or money stealers ..
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by the way stef.. I began this mornin to take 5000IU vit D3 pills bought on line.. my vit 25Doh was 23 and calcim around 10.... i now take one pill everty two days (1 day yes and 1 no)... then I'm planning to re.check vitd and calcim in 2 months.. won't this be hazardous?
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absolutely not, you d better use 5000iu daily and check calcium serum or urine in 4 weeks
you have high calcium from start but if you dont have paratiroidism disease your body will keep calcium in balance

calcium can rise to abnormal 15 without any damage, it is having calcium at 15 for months to make damage

all this stupid and wrong info about vit d is written like if we are so stupid to take it without double checking all the correct parameters

by the way if you drink about 2-3 liters of water daily you can lower calcium  of 1-1.5 points, calcium increase is not a problem at all and it is treated by drinking water...there are also many drugs to lower calcium but we dont need this at all
calcium is also a part of immune system response so better keep it between 9 and 10 when possible
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by the way when i started in jan 2010 i used 5000iu daily and i could only rise vit 25oh to 25-35ng/ml in 4-5months, the response varies according to bmi and cronic infections, if obese vit d wont rise unless 10000iu are used
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do you double check the last result of vit d (vitd25oh = 26ng/ml) ? (maybe a false result or a false supplement)
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I have checked calcium levels every month since I started taking vit d3 5000iu per day. On one month my calcium level is even lower than the range. Another month it's just a little above the lower range.
At the moment my doctor in my home country is abroad and will be back on 15 of this month. I will see him when he's back.
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Just checked the numbers.
in June ( I think it's one month after I started taking vit d3 5000iu per day )
9.4  mg/dl  ------normal ------ 8.5-10.1 serum ( Ref. Range )

in August    7.5 mg/dl  ------low ------ 8.5-10.1 serum ( Ref. Range )

in Nonember    8.6 mg/dl --------normal------8.5-10.1 serum ( Ref. Range )
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what about vit 25doh values???
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25OH Vitamin D3 --  40.8 ug/l   in September 2011
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just for my acknoledge are you on any therapy?
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so before starting D3 supplement you have 9.4 (june) and during the first month of D3 supplement you go at 7.5 (august) and after 3 month you are at 8.6 ?

this is really strange, do you change something in you diet or habit ? (you stay more in sun in june then in augurst ? ...)
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No. I started taking vit d3 in May and June I made the test. June test is just one month after taking vit d3 5000iu per day.

Actually I also think this is strange. I didn't change anything particularly. I'll check again in December.
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OK, I understand.

Anyway as you say it is strange, if you don't change anything (sun exposure or diet, or exercise ...).
the test was on the same lab ?
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This test is always done in the same lab. It's not sun exposure or diet, but it could be the exercise. Because I don't exercise regularly...sometimes i do it for 1-2 months then I stop again for 3-4 months and so on. I am not sure this is the reason. Now I am thinking to start doing the exercise again and if the result changes dramatically in December test then it must be the exercise.
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When I started in May I took the brand soft gel type for about 3 weeks. Then I changed to  tablet form.

Only now I realized the change I have done. I am sure soft gel type is better than the tablet form. I'll change back to soft gel type. Soft gel type absorb better vit d3.

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:) .. this ca be a important change, even the brand can be a important change, but we will see :)
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