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Anxiety/ Panic Attacks

Hello all,
  I am a 46 yr old female that's in to 8 months of a year tx.  I noticed over the past month that I have been having more anxiety and panic attacks.  I have a Dr's appt today and was wondering if anyone can recommend something for me to ask for?

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When I was on tx I used Ativan for anxiety.  I used it only occasionally and it helped a lot.  Good luck.
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Hey Deb I'm sorry about that but either Ativan or Xanax would most definitely be helpful!  I'm sure the doc will give you something it's a VERY common thing for this to happen!

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How should I ask for Xananx?  I asked for something last week and they gave me Atarax which done absolutely nothing except stopped the itching.  The Dr's around here always think you're on a dope hunt if you ask for something.

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Most doctors do these days unfortunately.  I would think a hep doc would understand though about the mental issues having to do with interferon - I mean shoot its well documented!

Maybe you can say to him that you spoke to a hepc advocacy group about it and they mentionned that many of them have had the same issue and that you only want enough to get through until you're off interferon?  If you are going to see him you could even print out a few pages on the mental portion (ie: rage/anxiety/depression) and show him you have researched it after you spoke to these people in the 'group'?
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I hope your doctor is knowledgable enough about interferon to realize that you are not drug seeking, just trying to cope with these well-known side effects.  Ativan (lorazepam) is fairly liver-friendly and if you take it only as needed for anxiety it should not be a problem.  If you cannot get any help from your doctor, try to get some marijuana.  It can help you with the anxiety too.  

Good luck.
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I agree, Ativan is the way to go. I had extreme anxiety/panic attacks for a couple months this winter. I didn't take one everyday, but always had them with me, just in case. I'm on 0.5 dose that is pretty low and feel no grogginess from it. It kept me heading toward the finish line of tx, that's for sure.
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I almost passed out on the way to work one morning from a panic attack. Xanax was prescribed immediately after this incident. This side effect is pretty common and is from the interferon. You should have no problem getting something for the anxiety. Good luck.
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Xanax will help but be VERY wary of it,you can get addicted to it very easily. I'm currently trying to get off of it and it's extremely difficult to stop. If you go that route only take it when you really need it and not on a regular basis if you don't want to become addicted.
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Be sure to tell them you have "Panic Attacks", not just anxiety.  Xanax is not usually the drug of choice for anxiety but is for panic attacks.
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I have extreme anxiety and rage issues from tx.  My tx doctor told me to see my general doctor, who then sent me to a psychiatrist.  Though I told him of my past addiction issues (and he is a recovering alcoholic), he assured me to take xanax now while I need them and that I will be able to get off of them when this is all over.

Believe it or not, just knowing I have them relieves a lot of the anxiety.

I also been prescribed Lexapro for anxiety and beta-blockers for the physical symptoms of anxiety attacks in the past.

Good luck,
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