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CT Results - No focal liver lessions (i.e. no fibrosis??)

Hello All,
I have Hep C, Geno 1a, VL 9M.... Still waiting to see gatro in Nov but new family doc getting all the non-invasive tests out of the way (thanks to all who answered my earlier forum post and made me wiser) . I got the results back from my abdominal/pelvic CT scan and it states "no focal nor diffuse liver abnormality is identified". Then it also states "no focal liver lesions". I know I was told (or read) that the liver biopsy is the gold standard as it will identify the stage and the grade of the liver....but am I safe to assume based on the CT findings that I don't have fibroisis yet? And if not, then what is the purpose of the CT scan?
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Your CT scan only tells you that you have no tumors or cancer growths.  

To determine your level of fibrosis you need to have the biopsy.  Some do use the Fibro tests but when we say the biopsy is the gold standard....it is in regard to your stage and grade of liver damage.  The CT scan cannot tell you that.

My CT scan was perfect and I incorrectly thought (and was told by my PCP) no fibrosis. After the biopsy it was determined I was already at STAGE 3.  I was pretty shocked but it was the truth.

You need that biopsy - don't worry it's quick and painless (it's just nerve wracking).

Good luck.

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Thanks for the quick response and clearing this up. I sort of thought I was leading myself to the wrong conclusion.
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ditto nys post, find a hepatologist if possible, jerry
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Yes, I have an appointment scheduled with one. But I guess she is very good (or very rare :-) and it is taking me almost three months to see her. Meanwhile, my new family practioner agreed to get all the non-invasive tests out of the way that my Hep would order anyway. That way, I won't lose time when I do get to see her. I picked up the radiologist report of the CT scan directly from the hospital. So family dr hasn't gone over them with me yet. ..and I was trying to translate the meaning myself.
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you can rest assure that the chance of you having cirrhosis with a clear CT like that is almost nil. of course as the others pointed out it does rule out fibrosis. good luck
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Great to hear the update.  I see you have figured out how to make the best use of  the "hurry up and wait" time that seems to plague us heppers, lol!!

Good for you :-)

Wish ya the best-Isobella
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I sometimes think God gave me Hep C to teach me patience. LOL!
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I usually say that patience is a virtue, and I hope I will be able to master it. I have come to notice that 9 weeks into treatment, I actually have all the patience I need and more... So obviously the hep c is teaching me patience. :-) I hope it will stay like that after tx too.

I couldn't have a biopsy, but the ultrasound scans they did at least showed that everything looked normal, no cirrhosis. I don't know the degree of inflammation nor the stage, but nothing I can do about that.
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i meant to say the CT does NOT rule out fibrosis
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