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G-3 relapsed after 24 weeks of sovaldi + RBV

I have genotype 3, and was excited about treatment with sovaldi + RBV for 24 weeks. Sadly, I relapsed right after treatment ended, with a viral count of 7 million. What are my options now? Looks like there might be a chance if I repeat treatment for 12 weeks but add PEG this time .. although that's not specifically outlined in the AASLD recommendations (they only address retreatment when PEG fails, but say nothing about when sovaldi fails), so I'm afraid the insurance company won't go for it. Any ideas or experiences? Thank you!
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Don't know about G3 options but I just wanted to say that I am very sorry to hear of your relapse

I am certain there is an alternative to the Interferon. Hang in there!
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I am very sorry that you relapsed. I know it must be devastating.

It looks like you are aware of the current AASLD guidelines and I have nothing to add, since they don't give any options for retreatment after relapse with Sovaldi and Riba.

You do not say what your liver fibrosis stage you have, if you failed treatment previously (Peg and Riba), what type of doctor was managing your care, or if you reduced Riba dosage during treatment. Those factors may have influenced your treatment outcome.

My suggestion would be to find a very knowledgeable and competent Hepatologist, preferably one at a university affiliated medical center, and have him/her evaluate you and manage your care. Not only should a Hepatologist at a university affiliated medical center be very knowledgeable, competent, and current on treatment, he/she should also know of any new studies that come along for treatment of Genotype 3.

I wish you the very best in the future.
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I am sorry for your news.  I know how it feels!  If you don't have late stage damage, just try to stay healthy, drink alot of water, exercise, don't drink alcohol, etc., etc., I'm sure you know the drill.  There are so many news things in development, just keep the hope, something better will come along, I'm sure of it!  Susan400
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Hang in there Geno.  I know the feeling failed 3x therapy at 6 mo post EOT.  With all of these big pharma's fighting for a piece of the Hep C pie something for you will come along shortly.

Take care of yourself!

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Sorry to hear this, like the others said keep yourself healthy and hopefully you can get onboard with one of the newer milder more effective treatments. I have a history of disappointment too.
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Geno:  Very sorry to hear of your relapse!  Also Gt3, and am now 9 1/2 weeks EOT, waiting for Week12 EOT Labs, so I do, indeed 'feel your pain'!

Bristol-Meyers, Squib has been working on a Dir Acting Antiviral, to be used with Sovaldi, and their tests have been focus on Gt3.  Thought that was going to be FDA approved in Dec but FDA referred it back for additional information, and I haven't heard anything recently.  I HAVE read, however, that the are working on a 3 drug combo pill (sort of the was Harvoni is) that will be sent for trials, so you might want to check with BMS to see if they are testing that and if you qualify.

Don't know how that is going, but thought I would mention it.  I have been following the BMS Med with high interest, IN CASE I relapse, and need additional tx.  Wish I knew more to tell you.

All I can say, is relax, take some 'down time' for yourself to deal with this, keep on with the hydration and liver friendly diet, and get in fighting shape to get back in the ring with that Dragon.  The Sol/Riba at the very least, gave your liver a break from the virus.  Soon there will be new meds for the knockout punch!

Praying for you.  Pat
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