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Hepatitis C & Fibromyalgia

Has anyone been diagnosed with both Fibromyalgia & Hepatitis and completed a full course of Hepatitis Treatment which was sucessful in removing the virus?

How was your Fibromyalgia before your Hepatitis become active?

Now you have completed the Full course of treatment for Hepatitis how is your Fibromyalgia affecting you?

1: Better ?
2: Same ?
3: Worse ?

My Fiance' has suffered with Fibromyalgia for the past few years with the main symptom only being Burning hips at night in her sleep.
Only this year she had been diagnosed with Hepatitis C as the virus has just become active.
Now the virus has become active her Fibromyalgia has spread throughout her body and pain become far more severe, as it is said Hepatitis can be a known trigger for Fibromyalgia.

But i am curious on knowing how anyones symptoms of Fibromyalgia is after clearing the Hepatitis C Virus ?  
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Hello Cliff,
I saw your post and feel for you. I was the one going through treatment 2 years ago and prior to doing so, I ached constantly (I refused to let anyone call it fibromyalgia because of the stigma attached to it!), and was so fatigued..I nearly didn't make it through treatment because the interferon began attacking my thyroid, causing my heart to race, the anemia to accelerate, and my blood values to alter alarmingly. It was explained to me that frequently, the muscle pain is created by the immune system going into "overdrive" and attacking the "fine tissues" (nerves, organs like thyroid, spleen, etc.)...Make sure she has her thyroid (TSH, Free t-3. Free T-4) levels drawn every few months while on interferon because the problems a sick one causes affects the entire body...Hang in there. I hope that, when she is done, her symptoms resolve...I was fortunate, -mine did! I am 18 months post tx, and everything is back to normal, and I have very little pain anywhere.((((((((((((((HUGZ))))))))))))))~MM
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