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Hepatitis Technologies

Has anyone here tried the Alternative medicine from Hepatitis Technologies? If you have how does it work for you?

I am thinking about buying the supplements to see how they work.

I would really appreciate some feedback!

Thank you,

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Hi Jon..no I am not taking anything from HT,I just take my own combination of vitamins and some other supplements.I do not do this in lieu of treating  tho ...only to try and keep as healthy as I can.  I really don"t like to promote taking anything as we are all different and what might work for one may not work for another.Without knowing what shape your liver is in currently my only advice would to make sure whoever is treating you is aware of what you take...some things can actually do more harm than good ..especially in excess.

Good Luck..
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Thank you for you feedback, i am currently waitng to get approval for Pegatron. I am not sure of the condition of my liver now...7 years ago i was stage 1-2 fibrosis with a fatty liver. I am waiting for a biopsy as soon as I get approval for Pegatron.I want to take these supplements for extra support before I go on treatment. Are you are taking Hepatitis Tehcnology Supplements? Are they helping you? I am just trying to help stay as healthy as I can.

Thank you for your feedback, I really appreciate it! Any other info to help would be great! Thank you Jon

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Sorry ...just saw from your profile you prev. treated.....never mind :)
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  You have posted previously you have Geno type 3,however,unless I missed it you have not said what stage of liver damage you have(fibrosis),,. Have you had a liver biopsy and are you under the care of a Hepa or a G.I.

You have received lots of  good advice  pro and con on purchasing and taking supplements,however it would seem sensible, if before you do this to know what shape your liver is in.

Treatment for  geno type 3 is approx 75% successful with Standard treatment..

There certainly seems be a place for taking supplements(I do myself while waiting to tx.) to possibly slow the progression of  fibrosis..however to do that as a first line of attack without even knowing what damage you have and at least talking over treatment options with a good doc,especially in light of the treatment success rate.would not seem prudent...imho

  Best of luck...

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I am thinking about buying the supplements to see how they work.

try 4 weeks, make liver function tests before and after and stop complitely after 4 weeks you should see a big difference if liver has damage.if liver has no damage you can also use a diet rich in antioxidants to prevent fibrosis

my cirrhosis was perfectly compensated only platlets in the lower range 165-180, in 4 weeks they got above 200

their trials will finish in june so you will also be able to see the results of the study and their fda approval for cirrhosis treatment
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by the way i forgot to say i have used the full pack until december but discontinued fibroguard on december because it can lower response on immune modulators and i am using alinia+entecavir antiviral and fibroguard is not good with alinia or interferon immune modulators while the rest of the pack is ok

i also used it because alinia increased my creatinine from 0.9 to 1.2 which is borderline high, using the pack it flactuates from 0.87 to 1.04
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Has anyone here tried the Alternative medicine from Hepatitis Technologies? If you have how does it work for you?

yes i did use it and it worked, in 4 weeks you feel extremely well if you have cirrhosis (i dont know for other liver damage stages) and platlets and general liver function tests start to improve
the base of hep tech is quite simple, antioxidants.they have already proven by the trials that fibrosis and livr damage is not directly made by the viruses but mainly by oxidative stress.this was also easy to prove because those without oxidative stress didn t develop any significant fibrosis despite the active infection

this lab has very advanced tests at research level, they also have a us branch, if you want to follow oxidative stress improvment while on antioxi therapy.i am using them for nagalase test on the gcmaf trial.nagalase blocks macrophages function and all immune response by blocking antigens uptake and presenting to dentric cells.i dont know for hcv but hiv, cancer and all enveloppped viruses carry nagalase which block immune response.in 24 shots i should see if immune system can be unblocked.the main research and trials on gcmaf are made in europe for hiv, cancers and cronic fatigue syndrom.the early trials showed hiv eradication by 18 weeks on 100% patients.gcmaf is not patentable so you'll never see big advertising on this

as hep tech plus antioxidants in the diet and good excercise i regressed cirrhosis from 16.2kpa to 9kpa starting from nov 2009 to oct 2010, i will recheck end of may and probably at less than 7kpa now.normal liver is 4-5kpa and significant fibrosis 7-8kpa
if you remember to send me a PM i will be able to tell you if i reached 7kpa or even less at end of may

i have hbv so our antivirals make hbvdna virus undetactable but in any case my antiviral entecavir is proven to regresses cirrhosis by 3-6 years, never by 1year

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Thanks so much for your post and your information.  I really appreciate it.  If they make someone feel better and in fact improve lab work I see nothing wrong with supplements.  Especially if they can allow a person to live a better quality of  life.  I, like Joe am waiting for the next approved drug that shows the highest percentage of SVR
I already tried the SOC with a trial (polymerase) and I relapsed so have to wait for protease inhibitor (VX950) which I had originally been told was over 70 to 80%, I hope that is still true.
My doctor told me they hope to have FDA approval by late summer
Thanks again
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Here is another good one.-
Amino Acids. 2008 Aug;35(2):469-73. Epub 2007 Aug 10.
Dietary amino acid taurine ameliorates liver injury in chronic hepatitis patients.
Hu YH, Lin CL, Huang YW, Liu PE, Hwang DF.
SourceTaoyuan Veteran Hospital, Taoyuan, Taiwan, China.

The effect of dietary amino acid taurine on the liver function of chronic hepatitis patients was investigated. The 24 chronic hepatitis patients with 2-5 times over normal activities of alanine aminotransferase (ALT) or aspartate aminotransferase (AST) were selected and equally divided into taurine treatment and control groups. In taurine treatment group, each patient took 2 g taurine 3 times a day for three months, and then stopped treatment for 1 month. Patients taking placebo without taurine for 4 months served as a control group. ALT and AST activities and levels of cholesterol, triglyceride and thiobarbituric acid relative substances of serum plasma in the taurine group were all decreased at the end of three month treatment. The study suggested that dietary amino acid taurine may ameliorate liver injury for chronic hepatitis patients.

PMID:17690950[PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE] Publication Types, MeSH Terms, SubstancesPublication TypesControlled Clinical TrialResearch Support, Non-U.S. Gov'tMeSH TermsAdministration, OralAdultAgedAlanine Transaminase/bloodAlanine Transaminase/drug effectsAspartate Aminotransferases/bloodAspartate Aminotransferases/drug effectsCholesterol/bloodDietary Supplements*Dose-Response Relationship, DrugDrug Administration ScheduleFemaleHepatitis C, Chronic/drug therapy*Hepatitis C, Chronic/pathology*Hepatitis C, Chronic/virologyHumansLiver/drug effects*Liver/virologyMaleMiddle AgedPlacebosTaurine/administration & dosage*Thiobarbituric Acid Reactive Substances/analysisTime FactorsTreatment OutcomeTriglycerides/bloodSubstancesPlacebosThiobarbituric Acid Reactive SubstancesTriglyceridesTaurineCholesterolAspartate AminotransferasesAlanine Transaminase
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Have you ever read any of Hepatitis Researchers old posts?  He is the mind behind the Hepatitis Technologies formulas and he is very far from being a snake oil salesman.  I'm not trying to be argumentative and if anything I write sounds angry I don't mean it that way at all.  I know there are many stupid supplement schemes to waste people's money but this is not one of them
If someone like Joe can stay off the transplant list while waiting for the cure, why not.  the new meds about to come available only give him somewhere between 30 and maybe 40%.  He has already been through hell with 3 failed TX and he is thinking that it would be better to wait for the next generation that gives him a more decent chance of a cure.  In the meantime, Hepatitis Technologies have normalized his life again and his labs look a little better each time.  We don't even consider the viral load anymore because we know we aren't going to cure the virus, but his albumin has been going up instead of down.  His chronically low red cells/ and Hgb are also coming up.  I am excited to see what his labs will show next time.  He sleeps very well again and is way less fatigued than he was before supplments.
I've had a front row seat for watching the turn around and it has been truly amazing.  It has afforded us the luxury of waiting until something comes available that gives him at least half a chance of being cured before he tears his life and family up and puts us back in to deep debt, possibly all for nothing.  He could still change his mind by July and try Teleprevir, but he isn't leaning that why right now.  Now if he had a chance in the 70% range, he would go for it.  
It all depends where you are.  The Hep. Tech. is a well thought out, logical choice for us at this time.  We have certainly not been disappointed in the return for our investment.  It is only fair to mention that we financially qualified for their compassionate relief program which reduces our cost, otherwise we wouldn't be able to afford it every month. Although, I'd probably try to get a second job before I'd let him stop taking them.  I'm enjoying the freedom from constant worry now that he doesn't look like he is going to make me a widow right away.
If you read all of HR's old posts, you'd know that he would not just happen to throw in some random ingredient, like taurine, without a good scientific reason to do so.  He is as perfectionistic in his logic as anyone you are ever going to find.  Below is just one study I quickly found, there are others.This may not even be the best.
I like you and think you have helped many people on Medhelp and I really appreciate it.  I don't think you are correct in this one area but that doesn't take away from all the good help you give.  I am hoping and praying for a successful liver transplant for you, when the time comes.  If you have the time, I wish you would go through the archives and acquaint yourself better with HR.  I feel sure you would understand why I would take his advice over most others.
Regarding taurine:
Eur J Pharmacol. 2010 Nov 25;647(1-3):161-70. Epub 2010 Sep 4.
Regression of liver fibrosis by taurine in rats fed alcohol: effects on collagen accumulation, selected cytokines and stellate cell activation.
Devi SL, Viswanathan P, Anuradha CV.
SourceDepartment of Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Annamalai University, Annamalai Nagar, Tamil Nadu, India.

The antifibrogenic effect of taurine in experimental liver fibrosis has been shown. The role of taurine to abate fibrogenic mediators and collagen deposition during liver fibrosis induced by simultaneous administration of iron carbonyl (0.5% w/w) and alcohol (6 g/kg/day) was investigated in this study. Liver histology, the levels of inflammatory cytokines, stellate cell activation, oxidative stress and collagen content were assessed. Liver fibrosis and a rise in collagen content in ethanol plus iron-fed rat were evident from van Gieson and Masson's trichrome staining respectively. Hepatic myeloperoxidase activity and plasma levels of interleukin-6 (IL-6) and tumor necrosis factor-α (TNF-α) were markedly elevated. This was associated with an imbalance in the oxidant-antioxidant system, increased expression of transforming growth factor-β(1) (TGF-β(1)) and stellate cell activation suggested by α-smooth muscle actin (α-SMA) localization. This condition was protected in the presence of taurine. Taurine lowered the levels of IL-6, TNF-α and peroxidation products and the expression of α-SMA, desmin and TGF-β(1) and improved the antioxidant status. A positive relationship between hepatic collagen with iron and lipid peroxides and an inverse relationship between collagen and glutathione were noted. It is concluded that taurine reduces iron-potentiated alcoholic liver fibrosis by curtailing oxidative stress, production of inflammatory and fibrogenic mediators and activation of stellate cells.

Copyright © 2010. Published by Elsevier B.V.

PMID:20813107[PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE] MeSH Terms, SubstancesMeSH
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The fact is that only treatment with peg-interferon and Ribavirin cure hepatitis C.
Additional meds will be available very shortly that will make cure rates as high as 70% + percent and shorten the duration of treatment in many people. Why would anyone waste time and money on something that won't cure the hepatitis virus has has not been proven to benefit liver disease caused by hepatitis?

I could understand in the past when cure rates where at best 50% to look for alternatives but with the new proven DAAs coming to market soon it makes no sense to me. What am I missing? Can someone please explain this desire to look for alternatives when there are meds proven to cure hepatitis C for most people in the U.S.?

It would be fine if their products were placebos and caused no harm. I have no objection to people giving their money to crying preachers on TV or snake oil salesman that is fine. People are free to do what they like with their money. But some of the vitamins that Hepatitis Technologies are promoting as helpful as actually toxic to a damaged liver. Particularly if a person's has advanced fibrosis or cirrhosis these products can increase damage to the liver and cause liver failure. This has been know for many years go to any repeatable medical web site and read about fat soluble vitamins, liver disease and cirrhosis.


Hepatitis C ; Vitamins And Liver Disease

Excessive amounts of some vitamins may be an additional source of stress to the liver that must act as a filter for the body.

Fat soluble vitamins (especially vitamins A, D, and E) can accumulate in the liver, and if taken in "megadose" quantities may damage even normal livers. For this reason, no more than standard recommended daily allowances (RDA's) of vitamins A, D and E are suggested for those with liver disease, regardless of the cause. Vitamin K is also a fat soluble vitamin, supplements of Vitamin K generally are not taken, nor are they recommended.

Be careful with dietary supplements

Iron and Vitamin C

Some people with hepatitis C, particularly those with cirrhosis, have above-average levels of iron in their body. Too much iron can damage organs.

If these people take multivitamin/mineral pills, they should take the ones without iron. These pills usually are marketed as formulas for men or adults over 50. These people also should avoid taking large doses of vitamin C because vitamin C helps the body absorb iron.

Vitamin E

Researchers are looking into ways that vitamin E can reduce risk of many diseases. But, current medical opinion is that the amount of vitamin E in a well-balanced diet is the safest amount to take.

Avoid supplements with doses greater than 400 IU. At high doses, vitamin E can thin the blood. This can be a problem for some people, so never take high-dose supplements without first talking to your doctor.

"HepTech is the most advanced antioxidant formulation on the market today.

To maintain optimal health, every cell in your body requires antioxidants to protect them against damage and death from free radicals, viruses, and toxins. HepTech increases the level of the most important antioxidant in your body - Glutathione. Glutathione is found within every cell in your body, as it is a molecule critical for cellular health. Using the highest quality ingredients available, HepTech provides essential building blocks to make new Glutathione, along with important cofactors that allow used Glutathione to be recycled and re-activated. The level of cellular protection resulting from this advanced formula is unparalleled in the nutraceutical field.

Load your cells up with the supplies they need to handle any battle they may face!"

"the most advanced antioxidant formulation on the market today". Really? I bet it does give you a lift though. A day's supply of this amazing product has more Taurine then a can of Red Bull! And for only $103.99? You could by 48 cans of Red Bull on Amazon for that price and I guarantee you you will feel better. (Unfortunately your liver will still continue to more diseased over time) But you can feel good all the way to End Stage Liver Disease.  

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I used milk thistle sucsessfully to control the damage and symptoms for a decade, but recently had to go on the Pegisis as my viral load was way to high and i was getting very ill. I am very glad for the ten years the Supplements gave me, it gave them time to find an effective treatment and gave my son time to grow up before I he had to see me go through treatment. (It was a good lesson for him though he is very safety aware now). The milk thistle and detox liver teas are very good, i think, but i am not a doctor, and i always got regular lft and viral load tests as well as taking them.
P.S The pegisis seems to have worked ;p
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Although these are very good supplements to support liver function they will not kill Hepatitis C virus. They may "possibly" keep liver fibrosis from advancing.
The supps that Hep tech use can support other liver problems, i.e. fatty liver, etc
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