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Incivek and Metamucil

Just started Incivek today.  I vaguely remember seeing something about Metamucil and absorbtion of the Telaprevir.  I generally take Metamucil in the evening.  Is there any problems with continuing to do that?  Does it negatively affect absorbtion of the drug?  So far, so good.  Ate pasta and fried chicken, but I worry about the morning routine ... :)  Hope Metamucil is ok to take.
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According to the Incivek site treatment management guide you can take Metamucil.

Go about 2/3 of the way down the page  to the Anal/Rectal Adverse Events and you will see Metamucil listed in the box.


And HCV Advocte also says Metamucil is okay.

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Thanks for that info.  The nurse at Vertex (Incivek) while very friendly, was not aware of this.  This will help me to stay being a happy camper.  :).  Thanks pooh!  So far, so good.  No untoward affects.  Now looking forward to a healthy, fatty, yummy breakfast which includes a chocolate quoisant (spelling).

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Here's wishing you the very best of luck ... few side effects, smooth treatment, SVR.  : )
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Pooh, thanks for that.  Knowing about all the new, upcoming therapies, becoming UND isn't enough anymore.  I want to have a negative viral load!!  :)
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My internist recently started me on Metamucil. I've finished triple tx quite a while ago so those meds aren't an issue, but I do still take lots of other meds, both am and pm. My doc is a very thorough sort, and she instructed me to take the Metamucil either 2 hours BEFORE my meds or 30 minutes AFTER my meds to avoid any absorption problems. I think this would be an even more important guideline for use with triple tx. I find the 30 minutes after is easier to measure, and with treatment brain-fog ease of measurement  would be even more critical.
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Thanks for that Ceanothus.  I swear by metamucil.  I've learned to love it!  I take it before bed...probably should take it earlier, but I want to avoid any absorption issues.  Sometimes, it seems like a real life-saver!  :)

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While metamucil worked during treatment for me, I think it is disgusting to drink (my opinion), so as soon as treatment ended I went right back to flax seed. I don't really know why I used Metamucil and not flax seed during treatment, but I am glad to use it now...Mark
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