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Lexapro and Peginterferon alfa -2a with Ribavirin

I'm on my 4th day of Peginterferon + Ribavirin. I'm having the depression side effect and my brain keeps going on pause mode with out notice . I read the side effects for Lexapro. Sounds to me like the Lexapro will enhance the side effects of the HCV treatment and maybe out weigh the benifits ? How bad dose the depression have to be before I  take a chance on the possible benifits of lowering my depression . Will the Lexapro help with the Brain pause side effects  as well? Any one with any information to help me make this choice would be helpfull . Thank You .
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I don't have answers to all your questions but will offer what I know.  My husband is getting ready to start his third try at treatment.  The first was a clinical trial and he had no antidepressant and it was a horrible experience.  The second time he used daily iIfergen shots and took Celexa and it was bearable for him and our family.  This time we started Celexa a month ahead and for about 5 days I gave him a half a pill and then went up to a whole.  Titering up like this made it very easy and he didn't have any nausea or wierd feelings at all.
My husband is not a depressed person at all normally but was like someone I hardly knew when taking pegintron without an anti depressant .  He didn't feel great on Infergen but his thoughts and emotions remained close to normal and it was far less scarey for all involved.
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Thanks for the info. Is Celexa a antidepresiant in the Lexapro Family ? or a diffrent drug all together ? All the best to you and your family, jjhvc
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I have been on treatment 9 weeks and I have been fine. I did take lexapo once for anxiety and it was the worst I ever felt, ended up in the ER

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To be totally honest with you I found Paxill to be the most marvelous invention in the world. It helped me so GREATLY I can't tell you.

Unfortunately I am also finding out right now how hard it can be to withdrawl from.  I did stay on it for over three years though (72 weeks treating and then the rest post tx)...I'm not sure if it matters that it's because how long I was on it but it's not so easy to do.  

If you have a real cause of depression I would say that you really do need something...just make sure you don't stay on it for too long or that you let them keep upping the dose after you feel ok. I'm glad i took it because it did get me through the long months however.......I wish I had started this process much sooner.

PS I started a month before treatment as well.......it was good advice from my doctor I do believe.

Good luck Ralph!
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Just to confuse you even more I have heard from 3 of my medical friends that lexapro works really well and easy to get off of.  I have been taking it for 4 months now, and I probably wont stop until " things" stabilize a bit for me... HA!
one of my friends is a gastro nurse with specialty in hep c for over 20 years, the other is a nurse practitioner for over 35 years and the last is my hep c provider.. but I think its all subjective you may do better on something else, they all did say though that you have to give it at least a month to kick in...correctly.  Good luck,, M4now
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Celexa has been around long enough that there is a generic of it called citalopram.  It helps some with the anxiety caused by the meds in addition to the depression.  It also doesn't interact with grapefruit like some of the antidepressants.  That's about all I know.
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