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Need To Share About Faith and Getting Peace

I posted that on Thursday, I received news that my VL went up from 11,500 to 307,000 on my Week 2 labs. Since then, I have been lost and scared.  I went to Temple for Rosh Hashanah on Friday and the sermon talked about the tests of fath we go through and how we always get something out of it even though it doesn't make sense.  Later yesterday, I saw a friend who is a Pastor while picking up my little guy at child care.  He said that I would think that it was crazy but he had to tell me that God called out to him a little while before while he was driving home and told him that he had to pray on me and that it was because of my liver.  He was thinking about having to see me but got sidetracked and forgot until I called out his name.  He prayed on my and I cried.  I told him that I had called out to him because I wanted him to put in a prayer/word for me.  We talked and I told him about my news and everything.  He told me that God knows and is there.  We kept talking for a little while more, hugged and then I left to pick up my other boy at preschool.  I called my wife and told her what happened and that I cried and she said that when that happens, the Holy Spirit enters you.  My little 2 year old took my afterwards and just when I got it back from him, my friend called and said that he had talked with another Pastor who I work with and a Pastor in the Bay Area and that at 8 pm, their Churches were going to pray on me and that I needed to say "Lord, I receive it".  At 8 pm, I said "Lord God I receive it".  I don't know what happened.  I felt giggly inside and sort of wondered if this was real.  I kept saying "Lord God I receive it" and thanking God.  Afterwards my wife said to look in my prayer book and I opened it to the prayer, "Father Knows Best" when Jesus said "Your Father knows the things you need before you ask Him".  I still feel scared but have peace inside of me and know that God is with me.  This was the strangest day of my life.  I have never stopped to listen to the messages from God and today I did.  I know that this is not the usual post about Hep C and treatment, side effects, etc. but I felt that I needed to post it and share with all of you.  Thanks.
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it is nice that have support from your family and church.    Your family, church, faith, and inner strength will help you get through this.   I wish you well.  
I am sending you some more positive thoughts....
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that was a beautiful story.  i hope you benefit from all the prayers.  good luck on your tx.  keep us posted.   belle
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i am a "visitor" of the hepc community and im a hepb chronic carrier which i got from my MOM when she gave birth to me, but when i read your post i was touched and now posting . not so long ago i also am in a situation where i was anxious, scared, and mentally tired, my HBV viral load spiked and went up 3 fold from 50000 to 180000 ui/ ml, but i went to the doctor and found out that my SGPT is (still) normal. Also, my GF still accepted me even if i had it...

i can understand you and what you're going through, so pls be strong. We cant understand NOW why we're going through this, i know that our problems is GREATER than what others have, but i know that God is greater and more powerful than HEPB or HEPC.

Keep the faith my friend
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Thanks for sharing ..good luck to you. The message is trust in God
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praying for you also!  We  understand how you feel.  dont give up on treating. even better drugs are being worked on!  
Take care ok?  
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I had a conversation with my daughter-inlaw about two weeks ago about how god knows when we need his help. Just before I was diagnoised with hep c I had been partying A LOT. Week-ends at the marina, beach, you name it we were having a ball in Tampa Bay and one saturday morning I woke up and felt like cr** and looked outside at the beautiful day and said. God, I dont want to spend my saturdays feeling like this I need to stop this drinking and partying. That was on saturday morning. That Monday I was at the Dr. having blood work (regular stuff) and it came back all wacked out and here we are. I believe that god heard my prayers. And like I said here we are. God listens  :)  and like my mother always said,he only gives us the burdens he knows we can carry.
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It's wonderful you have such a support system. I hope things work out for you. I'm sure they will. When I look back at life and all the hard times I thought I wouldn't make it through. I can see some wonderful things that never would have happened if not for those hard times.
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Thank-you for your encouraging and uplifting posting on your faith and your experience with God.  My faith has been not as great as I would like in the past few months, not where it used to be and reading your post was very good.  God bless you.  Healing to you.  Susan400
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Thanks so much for your post. I have been feeling a little blue and I appreciate that you chose to share this information with the rest of us
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Thank you for sharing your testimony.  God still does miracles and touches our lives in ways (good ones) we didn't see coming.  Blessings to you and yours.
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Thanks for sharing this -- I'm in touch with my Higher Power (whom I choose to call God), but sometimes things get a little shaky.  This brought me right back to where i need to be.  

Thanks again... :)
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Joe and I watched  a movie yesterday, on Net flix, called "The Encounter"  It was a very cool movie and quite uplifting to us.  
We don't even have a television but Net flix has been helpful while Joe is down.  He doesn't really feel well enough to read.  Netflix has a lot of history shows and documentaries and he has found some enjoyment in them.   I picked "The Encounter" off their new arrivals list and it was just exactly what I needed for a boost.  Joe asked me how I found such a movie and I told him I thought I might have just been "lead" to that movie yesterday.
Hope someone else will find it uplifting too,
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Hi All,

Thank you for all of your thoughts, prayers, positive vibes and for letting me know that sharing with you helped.  The last several days have been a different ride for me.  What has started as an effort to treat and get rid of Hep C has become about gaining faith and healing my spirit at the same time.  
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