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i hope someone can help me. I saw a post the other day about not having a certain protein while on treatment. I think the name was isonone, but I am not sure. All I remember was that it did not let the ribivarin absorb properly. I tried to find it again and I can't find it :-( please someone help me. I am a non responder and I am waiting for the new drugs to come out. I want to make sure that I do everything right this time to reach SVR !!!!!! Thank you so much
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The 'Isonine Thread'
Good Luck with that and when you understand it, please explain it to me.
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I hope you realize that thread is speculation with no peer reviewed studies to back it and eliminating protein and salt from your diet doesn't mean a damn thing nor does it move you closer to SVR.  The original poster is not a dietitian, nutritionist or a hepatologist and cannot speak with certainty that her viewpoints are true just as I can't when I say:  

         ***********************************BUYER BEWARE*********************************

I am also a relapser and view that whole concept as utter nonsense but to each his own fancy said the old lady as she kissed the cow.


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NYgirl < Jumping Over the Moon

Yes let the buyer beware is always the correct mantra when something is not studied, proven, peer reviewed and is only someones guess - even if it seems to make sense how do you really know this might not backfire in someway that could prove even more harmful? You dont. Be careful!
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Hi Deb I am a newbie, I have 4 more weeks of tx, what I take away from the people who have posted here, that is if you are geno-1a like I am , you will probably have to treat again. That is why they say 50% clear the virus. I didnot go und at 12 weeks, so I probably have even less than that, My regret is that I have had this since the 70,s and I didnot find out sooner. Some people feel I am being negative, but I am a realist, I prepare for the worst, and if it goes well I am pleasantly surprized! I have recieved more info, from here, so if I have to treat again, I will have some different stratergies. Hopfully if I have to go it again, maybe the new tx will be availble, and tx will be shorter! good luck to you stalion
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