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Safe pain meds-Hep-C

Hi, did anyone ever find out what headache/pain meds are safe if you have a compromised liver? I have Hep-c and suffer from post concussion syndrome headaches everyday for 3 years. I fell at work so the workers comp doctors that only care about not putting in records that you are suffereing tell me to take ibuprofen or advil every day.
Help :o( thanks
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Hi Wendy..

It often comes up here which is the best pain med to take.Everybody is different as far as risks go depending on many health issues.Article below explains some of these for those that haven"t see it.



Liver damage. Acetaminophen, the No. 1 nonprescription pain reliever, does not cause GI bleeding, but long-term frequent use or even large single doses can cause severe liver damage. In fact, acetaminophen overdosing is the most common cause of acute liver failure in the U.S., often as the result of suicide attempts. Most people still don’t know about this risk and don’t realize that acetaminophen is in hundreds of OTC cold, allergy and headache products and some prescription pain relievers. Check labels for acetaminophen, and don’t take more than 4 grams—equal to eight Extra Strength Tylenol tab--lets—a day from all sources. ) And certain other drugs increase the risk. Heavy drinkers and those with liver disease should  limit, acetaminophen. Taking the drug while fasting also increases the risk.

• Kidney damage. NSAIDs (and acetaminophen to a lesser extent) can damage the kidneys. If you have kidney disease, talk to your doctor about pain reliever safety.

Here’s our advice

For healthy people who take OTC pain relievers as directed, the risks are relatively small. However, because these drugs are so popular, thousands of Americans are affected every year. Don’t let these concerns prevent you from taking the drugs if you need them, but do follow this advice, especially if you take pain relievers often:
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To add to the above:

Cirrhotics are ONLY allowed to take Acetaminophen as an over the counter pain med and recommended doese for such patients is 2 gr a day or less...


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NSAIDs can also cause stomach ulcers.  I had a frontal lobe injury in the 80's in which I was in a coma for 3 days and lost all of my memory and had depilating headaches that led me to a neurosurgeon who prescribed over a 2 year period code 4 drugs that were eventually took off the market because they damage the liver. The best thing about seeing him was the regression therapy.  

If you are under the care of a hepatologist ask them.  Pain can also be a signal to you that there is another underlying problem. I took Imitrex for years for migraines.  I eventually weaned off all pain medication.  Now if I get a headache I look to my diet...and I take a low dosage blood pressure pill.  If I forget the bp pill or haven't drunk enough water that day I will get a headache,  

A lot of people don't realize that there is a lining around the brain that react to dehydration and it is very important to hydrate.  Drink plenty of water...have them check you blood pressure....thyroid,, etc.  It's easy to take a problem back to it main start but the problem could be telling you to take a second look.

If you are still working and have insurance....use it and find the underlying problem and get it check out even if you have to have a second opinion.  Workers' comp *****...
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         i have had the same GI doc for the last 20 years.  20 years ago he recomended, not to exceed 4000 mg a day of tylenol or nsaid, or aspirin. today he recomends no nsalds what so ever, that includes aspirin.  tylenol under 2000 mg daily and  650 mg in a single dose is ok for a couple days.
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My liver is compromised (iron overload).  So I take a combination of Calcium, Vitamin B complex and CoQ10 for my headaches.  Dr. Stengler recommends taking Feverfew.  Says it has no side effects and helps migraine as well as tension headaches.  - Hope this helps.
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If you don't have low platelets you can take aspirin.
There is also medicinal cannabis which works well for headaches, pain and tension relief.
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