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Txs. stopped 2 weeks Geno 2b

My Drs. advised me to stop treatments due to a drop in platelets. I had been on the weekly shots and pills but only got to take 2 injections. I was told that the drop in platelets could cause a bleeding condition. I started with only 102,000 and dropped to below 70,000 in 2 weeks. Has anyone had a similiar problem? I was told there was a med to help build up my counts but that was nixxed after this AM blood work results came in. What can I do now? I will remain positive and hope and pray the platelets will rise in 6 months be rechecked and hopefully try again. Help.
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Many docs who treat a lot of hcv patients will not take significant action until platelets drop to the 20,000 - 30,000 range.  Many people have continued to treat sucessfully with platelets in the range of 40,000 - 60,000 without adverse effects. If you were low (102,000) at start, there is no reason to think that they will be any better in 6 months and upon re-start they will likely drop again.  During treatment platelet levels will boounce around some in the eraly weeks and then probably stabilize in a range along the way.  If you have not already stopped treatment, you may have a talk with the doc or get another opinion from a doc who treats a lot of hcv.
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About 2-3 weeks after I started treatment, my platelets drops to 75 and my doctor told me that if they dropped below 50 then should would cut my interferon in half.  'm surpised that she stopped treatment without giving them a chance to stabalize.  Mine keep fluctuating up and down and as of today, they're on the downside.  I'll be going in for blood work tomorrow and hope that they're back up again.  

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A platelet count of 70,000 is no big deal, at least in the average person. Even with surgery, a platelet count of 50,000 is sufficient to avoid excessive bleeding. The question is whether your platelets, under the influence of interferon, will continue to drop. The only way to know that is to check your platelet count frequently and see if there is a downward trend. I'm not a hepatologist or hematologist, but a platelet count of 70,000 doesn't seem to be an indication to stop treatment.

As Jim has pointed out in several posts, knowing the condition of your liver from biopsy results can be helpful. If you have minimal fibrosis, then you can make a good argument for stopping treatment if complications arise. Either that or don't start treatment at all and wait for the newer medicines to be approved.

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I just wanted to mention that JC posted a new thread saying that his doctor called to resume treatment, the same day he posted this.
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