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Unpredictable Sides week 10

Not really a question, just a confirmation of other posts I've read about how the sx of treatment can change as tx progresses. My sx have been fairly minimal with fatigue and exhaustion being the biggest problem. In fact, I have continued to work which requires travel 3-4 days a week since starting tx. I do my shot on Friday evening and usually feel a bit crappy for a while through Saturday but not that bad. Well, this Saturday (after my week 10 shot Friday) I felt nothing, in fact, I felt better than normal. Man did that change Sunday afternoon. I felt like a case of the "mega" flu hit me suddenly and like a ton of bricks! I have been running a fever close to 102 since last night (finally breaking this morning) and for the first time I had to call in to take a sick day. I have been following a lll the guidelines for fluid intake, etc. but this is like the sx's built up to hit me after 9 weeks of tx. I'm a believer that you cannot predict this. Hopefully this passes because I have a business trip tomorrow (maybe I have been pushing to hard to maintain my work schedule...gonna rest up all day). Was RVR week 4 / awaiting my week 8 CBC's.
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Sounds like you are doing really well.  it is true you can't predict the sx.  It is also true that perhaps you are pushing yourself a bit.  The sx normally get much worse at about 5 to 6 weeks, saying that everyone is different.  
Try to continue drinking as much water as you can.  Take it easy, be nice to yourself.  You are in the fight of your life, sounds like you are doing great so far.  What tx are you on?  
Good luck
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Hi I see, you are on the peg and riba, sorry, I missed it
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I found that each day ...each week the sides were different and that one week sx were different from the other weeks.  Unfortunately we are at the mercy of treatment and the sx it throws at us.......one minute you can be suffering from minimal then the next.....it hits you.  Take care and know that for every side, there is something you can take for it.
Hang in there.....and all the best........
Linda x
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When I treated it seemed like the only thing I could count on was that I'd never be able to accurately predict how I was going to be feeling at any time. The sx just did their own thing, and followed their own schedule, which happened to be completely random. I did have low fever, 100-101 Fahrenheit, a lot of the time, though only during my last round of tx. The two previous attempts, both of which were unsuccessful, caused no fever. Maybe fever is a good sign in this tx, as this last round resulted in SVR. Congratulations on doing so well so far, and best wishes for SVR!
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Thanks for the comments. I am just thankful that this week 10 episode did not happen during my travel this week. Feeling somewhat better but definitely taken down a notch from previous weeks. I will stay vigilant. I do need to scale back some of my work and the company that I work for has been very gracious and flexible with my schedule. I have to get my "never let em see you down" work attitude adjusted because it isn't quite panning out that way lately. Ceanothus, I hope the fever theory is right because it must have kicked some virus out of me this week!
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