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hapatis C treatment and anabolic steroids

I am a competetive powerlifter who has had HCV for 30 years.  I lift in a non-tested federation and use anabolics to keep my weight on and to help me recover.  I ues only injectables and no orals.  I do use HGH to help me heal.  I use only the safer anabolics like testosterone and decca and ocasionally low doses of tren.  My liver enzymes are good and after a second biopsy, I'm still stage 1.
My question is about using anabolics while on treatment.  I have told my hepatologist that I would like to do the Teleprevir treatment as soon as it's available.  What is you opinion of continuing with low doses of anabolics while on treatment?  The anabolics have made a world of difference as to how I feel, recover and heal. How would treatment affect this?

To the laymen reader:  This is a question fo a doctor.  Please don't respnd with the usual "you should only be thinking about you health now".  
Well that's EXACTLTY what I'm thinking of.

This discussion is related to Hep C & anabolic steroids.
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"To the laymen reader:  This is a question fo a doctor.  Please don't respnd with the usual "you should only be thinking about you health now"."

There are no doctors attending this discussion group, Ganderboy.

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It's Telaprevir, Interferon, and Ribavirin treatment.  Tela is added to SOC.  Forgive me if you knew this already.
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I was responding to a discussion on the same subject, in which a doctor had responded:


Why it did'nt link to that discussion, I have no idea.

Yes, I know about the interferon and the ribavirin, but I have have no idea of what SOC means.  Please define your acronyms.
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Standard of care.  
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Dr Dietrich no longer maintains that forum.


SOC = Standard of Care; currently interferon/ribavirin.

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Then he should take his name off it.

Thank you for letting me know.
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For what it’s worth, I imagine the site administrators allow those archives to continue so that others can benefit from historical discussion.

Good luck to you in your quest-

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Boy! Stage 1 at 30 years: I envy you - and to a degree empathize. I've been working out for decades and continue to at stage 4 (cirrhosis). Indeed I seem to be more catabolic than anabolic these days which is not easy to accept. Anyway: some thoughts: If you are making the lifestyle choice to take anabolics injectibles are superior to topicals regrading the workload on the liver metabolically. Regarding an M.D.s posture on your lifestyle choice relative to HVC and/or antiviral therapy you would need to have an endo-hepa-sports MD to get beyond educated speculation. By the way the reason AIDS patients (much more in the past in the USA) used to get bi-weekly I.M. testosterone was to combat AIDS related wasting by increasing protein synthesis. I think it may have had an indirect immune modulating effect by increasing the appetite and  body mass. I would think (I once did some research on HVC, cirrhosis, and anabolics and came up with 2 ambiguous posts- One was from Dr. Dietrich. That was it. So I would think if continuity of taking anabolics and competing was an essential value of yours you need to find a grounded and experienced hepatologist (Douglas Dietrich is at Mt. Sinai hospital in NYC but he is a prohibitively busy guy a lot of the time) that will work with you without moralizing about your life choices. p.s. HGH is a different conversation from the testosterone too. Good luck forging a path since it hasn't been created and if you're feeling generous post your dialogue with the M.D. and experience with the therapy plus anabolics so the next weight lifter will have a reference.
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I was infwcted in the early 80's but never new until recently.  I attribute my health status to the fact that I don't drink and that I began my weighlifting a coulpe years after I was infected.  Regular exercise and healthy lifestyle go a long way with this disease.
My doctor told me I would have to wait for treatment, because they will treat the sickest first (when the Teleprevir is released). Since I a  still making muscle, my liver must be functioning properly.
I know about the dermal applications, tried that first.  You have to use much more, and use it every day.
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anabolic steroids do not constitute a healthy lifestyle.


google search.....are anabolic steroids bad for the liver?

Good Luck
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"Then he should take his name off it."

Since we're all laymen around here and respond with the "usual" harangue perhaps you should take it upon yourself to suggest to MedHelp how you think things should be handled.

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