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is stage 2 damage reversible

Is stage 2 liver damage revisable if the virus  is cleared.
I tried posting this under medical help and I don't know where it went.
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Our hepatologist, head of UCSD transplant center, says yes.  I choose to believe him.  That said, I agree with all posters above, no drinking, drugs, etc.  
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I believe Sentinel13 has his old and new biopsies in his photos...reversed a lot of liver issues...?
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Some info


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It was Jmjm
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I wish I could remember who it was but I'm getting old. lol  Anyways, there was recently someone on here who reached SVR and a year or so later (may have been a few years) they had a liver biopsy and their stage and grade had improved noticeably.  May have improved drastically, like I said it's a vague recollection.  good luck!  
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There are documented cases of histological improvement after SVR in cirrhotic patients.

From Clinical Care:

Cirrhosis Regression During HCV Therapy Associated With Improved Liver-Related Morbidity, Mortality During Long-term Follow-up

Posting Date: April 25, 2008
See: http://tinyurl.com/7tv4naa

Main Findings

    During 10-year follow-up, incidence of liver-related events, including cancer, evident among patients with sustained virologic response (SVR), but lower than those who did not achieve SVR (P = .002)
        3 deaths or transplantations due to hepatocellular carcinoma
    No evidence of liver-related events among patients with cirrhosis regression, but prominent among patients without cirrhosis regression (P = .01)
        No liver-related deaths or liver transplantations among patients with cirrhosis regression (P = .025 vs patients without regression)
    Virologic response reached in one third of patients
        SVR: n = 35 (36.4%)
        No SVR: n = 61 (63.6%)
    Cirrhosis regression occurred in 19% of patients
        Yes: n = 18 (19%)      
            Follow-up: 115 ± 42 months
        No: n = 78 (81%)
            Follow-up: 112 ± 35 months
        Median duration between pretreatment and posttreatment liver biopsy: 38 months (range: 23-69 months)
    Normal prothrombin time and SVR independently associated with cirrhosis regression
        Prothrombin time 92.6% of normal in patients with cirrhosis regression vs 83.2% for those without cirrhosis regression
            Odds ratio: 1.1 (95% confidence interval: 1.02-1.10)
        SVR 94% among those with cirrhosis regression vs 23% for those without cirrhosis regression
            Odds ratio: 69.1 (95% confidence interval: 7.8-612.3)  
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Agree with 1otherclub
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Once the virus is cleard further damage is unlikely.  There are other things that deteriate your liver such as drinking and drugs.

Can stage 2 be reversed?  I have seen at least 2 people on here state that their liver biopsy improved a few years after they cleared the virus.  I'm guessing they weren't drinking or doing drugs or anything like that.  Not sure if it happens for everyone, but I have heard it can happen as long as you not at chirrosis already.
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