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life expectancy with hep-c, chf.. details below

I am 25 years old, and last year i had to have heartsurgery, and a pacemaker put in. i coded an hour after i got the pacemaker put in, so i had to get an icd put in. its been exactly a year to the day. I have endocarditis and mrsa in my blood. also with that, i just found out today that i have hep c and my platelet levels keep dropping. it was 170 day before, 70 yesterday, and 52 today. i wont know anything more about how bad any of this is till monday, but im hoping that someone can help me. im already staying weak, sleeping alot.. and instead of losing weight, ive gained alot. and also, i am now 8 weeks pregnant. i wanna know how long i can expect to live. i already had a short expectancy cause of my heart.. can anyone help me and answer my question??
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I am so sorry to hear of all your troubles.  Your medical situation is very very complex and that may be why no one on the forum answered you.  

Also, you are asking a question that no one here can answer.   We are not doctors, and we do not know what your life expectancy might be.  Your doctors must prioritize your care, and treating problems with the heart will be a priority.  When your cardiac situation is stable, they will try to help with your other concerns.

You say that you have hep c.  Do you have antibodies to hep c, or do you have live virus in your bloodstream?  About 20% of people who are exposed to the hep c virus actually clear the illness on their own, and no longer have live virus.  Those people will always test positive for antibodies but do not need treatment for hep c, as they are no longer infected.

I hope that things will begin to improve for you.  You are very young to be this ill, and I hope that your symptoms will respond quickly to treatment.  Best wishes.

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sofar that i know, it is in my blood.. im still in the hospital right now and i really havent seen but one dr. this junk is driving me crazy. my platelets went back up from 52 to 137, and that was yesturdays levels. i dont know what they were today. for some odd reason though, i am feeling completely stressed out. nothing whatsoever is calming me down. i am breathing faster, it feels like my heart is punching out of my chest, and i dont know what to do. my head is killing me and everything. i heard this could be a sign of the hepc, but i dont know anymore. this place is giving me the run around, and im about to go crazy. i havent seen a dr in two days, my cardiologist was supposed to come in and talk to me today about doing a tee, but he never showed. talking about making a girl feel diseased.. the right side of my stomach is so painful right now, and im breaking out in sweats and everything. i truthfully just feel like going home and giving up on everything till i just fade away to nothing, but i wont do it cause of my babies. ill post my next platelet level when i get them.. hopefully they dont go down anymore.. but one question,
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if they aint comming to see me, and they aint letting me go home, do you think they know something that i dont or what.. cause it just feels like a waiting period for me.
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Being in the hospital is like that, it takes time to get the answers and attention you need. If it were urgent to your health, I suspect they would be there right away. You sound like you are experiencing high anxiety.
Please focus on breathing normally and just not thinking about anything that stresses you until they come back.

I cannot say for sure because I do not know how long you have had HCV and what condition your liver is in, but it seems to me that what you are experiencing is not due to HCV.

Many women sleep a lot during the first three months of pregnancy, Your pregnancy and the level of stress you are experiencing is likely the reason for your symptoms.
Hang in there, they have not forgotten you and I am sure they are not avoiding you. It will take time to get all the answers they need.
All the best
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I am so sorry to hear you are so sick sending prayers your way try to stay calm and dont ever give up your fight only the strong survive and you sound like a fighter keep your chin up and stay focused
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i am feeling completely stressed out. nothing whatsoever is calming me down. i am breathing faster, it feels like my heart is punching out of my chest, and i dont know what to do. my head is killing me and everything. i heard this could be a sign of the hepc

I'm not sure what you mean, but hep c often has no symptoms whatsoever until many years after infection.  It's more likely that your symptoms at this time are due to the endocarditis and MRSA, infections which affect not only your heart but all your body systems.  As others have suggested, try to calm yourself down, focus on breathing slowly and deeply, and do your best to wait for more information.  It is really hard, I know.

if they aint comming to see me, and they aint letting me go home, do you think they know something that i dont or what

I imagine that the doctors are waiting for your condition to stabilize.  Your platelets are jumping around so obviously this has not yet happened.  Infections such as you have can take many days and powerful antibiotics to be cleared up.  Try to be patient although I know it is hard.

At this point, whether you have an active hep c infection or not, your other health problems are of the highest priority.  One thing at a time.  Hang in there.

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I agree with the comments others have made. Your case is very complicated! However, Hepatitis C is unlikely to be the cause of your symptoms. It is a very slow disease and usually gives few indications until after the liver is very damaged, which usually takes 20-40 years and sometimes even longer. Platelets aren't usually affected until late in the illness. It is far more likely that your fluctuating platelet counts are a result of the drugs you are being given for your heart problems. You can read something about this at http://labtestsonline.org/understanding/analytes/heparin-induced-thrombocytopenia-antibody/tab/test. I'm sorry it isn't a clickable link, but this site doesn't support outside links. It will work if you copy and paste it into another browser window.

As for feeling ignored – this is so very common in hospitals! I've had far more hospitalizations than most people and this has happened in most of them. Part of it is the depression that comes with hospitalization and part of it is due to very few doctors having good social skills and there just never being enough of any of the other staff. If you have family and friends nearby tell them you need them to spend time with you. They might be able to assist you in getting more explanations from staff, but at the very least they can keep you from falling into the abyss of hospital depression. If you don't have friends or family nearby its harder, but you can consider asking for visits by volunteers or hospital social workers or the hospital chaplain. I hope you can find someone to give you a little more real-life support through this difficult time. We will all be hoping and praying for you, but I'd like you to be getting some in-person help too.
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: ) I am sending a prayer your way  
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