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low hemoglobin with ribavirin

Triple combination therapy
week 5

My hemoglobin is going down. Last week blood test hemoglobin is at 8.7. My doctor just reduced Ribavirin from 1000mg daily to 800mg daily for the reason that my hemoglobin is going down. Blood work again in two weeks and he will see me after the blood test results. He told me he might stop the treatment is the hemoglobin continues to low. He will make that decision in the next visit after seen the results of the blood test he ordered. Does anyone has problems with low hemoglobin with this treatment, interferon & ribavirin. Does anyone have to stop the treatment because of this reason.

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Low HGB on triple treatment is common and dose reduction of Riba has been the proper course. I would plead with my doctor on starting Procrit before stopping treatment. You might even need to reduce down to 600mg of Riba a day. If I remember right your doing Incivek? Which also lowers one HGB and that is halfway over. Hang in there.
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My hemoglobin went from:
13.3 (start)
9.7 (at which point he reduced my riba from 1,000 mg to 600 mg, which is in the guidelines as proper to do)
9.6 (at which point he took me off riba for 2 days)
10.3 (after 2 days off, then he raised me to 200 mg for 3 days, then back to 600 mg)
11.1 (then he raised my riba to 800 mg at my request where I am now)

Was UND at 1 and 2 months. So hang in there, the body does seem to adjust to the ribavirin after 1 month. I wonder why he doesn't drop you to 600 mg too? Well hang in there, rest, drink LOTS of water. My hemoglobin seemed to respond right away to the dosage reductions, so hopefully yours will too.
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How do you feel?  This is a very tough treatment.  Is your liver in good shape? My husband tried that treatment but his liver was decompensated and unfortunately he had to stop treatment after 5 weeks.  

Besides procrit, another  possibility to bring up your hgb is a blood transfusion. My husband needed a few.

Should you have to stop, take heart, there are other treatments in the pipeline that will be much easier on you.

I wish you the best.
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start taking fishoil it will help stabilize  low blood levels I read this from a Japanese study..
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My treatment is sovaldi-interferon-ribavirin. I believe that hemoglobin have to do with low red/white blood cell counts which I have low. My brother is taking medicines for another reason nort because of Hep C. He told me that his medicines are lowering his red blood cell counts and what he is doing is eating foods rich in iron and that's helping him but he doesn't have liver problems so my case is different. But I started eating foods rich in iron. I hope that will help for my next blood test.

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OH, I also heard about pocrit. I heard people  during this treatment has taking that when hemoglobin is low I will definitly will give a good fight before my treatment is stop it. I will mention that to my doctor, I will try anything available to fight my low hemoglobin before my treatment is stop it.

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