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part 2

5 years ago i was a stage 3 and  a slow responder, definitely hard to treat, i felt backed into a corner,
i was afraid of overdosing but knew i need something special to really get this war over with.
i wanted to slaughter smash and annihilate the enemy. no lack of confidence, no fear.

i am in my fifth week now and im just now getting around to making this post but i got my wish

i took my first pcr at 13 days i was undetectable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WHOO  HOOO VICTORY AT SEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we will never know for sure exactly how much the overdose had to do  with the
success but i can safely say IT SURELY HELPED.

i feel like i have a guaranteed win here, it feels so good.

i couldnt have devised this approach without all the intense work of the wizards on this forum from 5 years ago.
i would also like to take a moment of silence for all of the fallen hepatitis warriors, it is through their
great sacrifice that we may live.
i thank all of you for your hard work. we pulled this one off. i have a long way to go but i think ive got this one in the bag.
to this date i havent heard of this strategy but i survived it without much discomfort
and without any dangerously low blood numbers. week three gave me a hgb of 9.6 and i am now already back to
10.7. i did  go on epo but today my liver enzymes have dropped to 23 and 30  (started  45 and 79)
luckily this treatment so far hasnt been nearly as bad as first time.

wow, what a day, what a month what a year, what a decade. it will all be over soon and i am so happy.

all in all, this stategy is not that extreme, it only lasts a few weeks and happens at the beginning when you
are most likely to survive it.

good luck to all, i hope that my experience can help someone out there. unfortunately my anecdotal
example proves nothing medically or statistically but i do believe that certain overdosing strategies
are effective, worth the risk and have been proven (to some extent) statistically.


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I'm confused. What was the overdose?
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Always nice to hear when one is UND. at week 2 and congratulations on that,,however the only part of your post that makes any sense is this:

"back in the days before incivek, the only options for
hard to treat patients were overdosing strategies."

That is entirely true ,,however today "relapsers" which you say you were are having approx. 90% success doing one of the new DAA's(Inci or Vic)  doing the recommended prescribed dosing  and also clearing most often within a few days.

Hopfully you did not damage you body too much from the overdosing  this therapy and you go on to SVR..

To any newbies: Don't try anything like this on your own

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It's always fantastic to hear good news but I think I would be hesitant in playing my own Dr.  I guess you did what you felt you had to do.  Not judging here and glad it worked for you but I don't think I would have the   %^&*( $ to do that.  Did you tell the Drs you did that?  Just curious.  Well congrats and wish you the best in SVR!

Have a great day!
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