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treatments for depression

I seem to have made good progress with treatment and most negative side effects are dissipating. Even my hair is becoming somewhat normal again and the weird skin rashes, bumps and itchiness are almost gone.  Irritability had become minimal (or at least no worse than prior to treatment) but about two months ago depression set in.  One of the hepatologists that I am seeing with long standing experience indicated that he more typically sees depression late in treatment rather than at the beginning of treatment. The bad news for me however was that depression can continue for up to 6 months or more beyond the end of treatment.  I have four weeks of treatment left.

I understand that depression can sometimes be effectively dealt with through counselling but that often, chemical intervention is necessary and getting the meds right can be a time consuming task.  What experience have others had with counselling, medication and duration of depression beyond the end of Pegasys treatment?

Grateful for any advice the group has.

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I found counseling far more beneficial than ADs-had to go thru a Psychiatrist 1st and he liked to try different drugs-none worked except for anti-anxiety-Xanax-I got labeled as drug rsiistant.  Thanks to the forum, jmjm and trinity Jim and others I saw a Hepatologist and had a Hepatimax test done-I am SVR.  He also ordered a sleep study and found I have sleep apnea so did another sleep study using C-pap and I woke up feeling better.  Now I have C-pap at night and the sides I thought were caused by Tx are leaving and I am losing the brain fog from the ADs as they are titrating me off of them.  Thank you all- I am F2-F4 on the fibropspect but my levels are in range.  My gastros were just running the same tests over and over again and the Hepatologist explained I will always test positive for exposure.
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I am on an anti-depressant but found it just as frustrating to find one that works as franke did.  I couldn't see how psychoanalysis could help with a side effect of another drug, but I had the irritablity effect, not depression.

I recently finished treatment but on the advice of other posters here, I am going to slow the taper-off of the AD until I get the interferon out of my system more.  I hate being addicted to a drug to manage a side effect, but don't want to alienate everyone around me either.

I agree that people attribute a lot of things to the treatment that might actually turn out to be related to another health problem. Unless we go see other doctors, like franke did, we'll never know.  
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I think my psychologist gave me the will to keep on and not succomb to the ADs-had I done so I would have given up and never found this forum.  He would say: I can't tell you not to take the Ads but I can suggest there are alternatives and he helped me learn to meditate-listen to my inner voice but mainly seek answers.  At one point my Psychiatrist wanted to put a shunt in my crotoid artery to stimulate the vegal nerve-a new treatment for AD resitant patients.  My psychologist said:  Well, I can't tell you not to go ahead with the operation but I wouldn't do it-I didn't and I thank God I found this forum because I was ready to loet them turn me into a zombie to escape what I thought were the sides of TX.  I feel as though a cloud has lifted off of me.  Incredible how so many doctors missed it-Sleep apnea!  I wish the very best for all of you.  I almost feel guilty for feeling gfood again knowing so many still suffer.  I keep pinching myself because I think I'm dreaming.  God Bless and keep fighting! franke
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Actually I went on an AD (Paxill) a month before treatment to make sure it didn't happen. Went off it after tx.  Turns out I find out now i liked it and am thinking about going on it again. It really helped with my stress levels and I probably could have used it all of my life but never knew it.

Go figure. It just goes to show though what is good for one is not good for all so it's very individual.
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Guilt must be an unanticipated side effect of TX.  Guilty that you feel good when all are suffering; I felt guilty when I got the trial drug when I didn't need it.  Again, go figure.

I would have preferred getting anger management, bio-feedback or meditation lessons to going on the AD.  My city is large enough for a teaching hospital but not large enough to offer those alternative treatments.  The Lexapro has worked just fine, I am just cursed with stoicism and protestant work ethic and it was hard to accept that I would need chemical mood altering help.  I couldn't have worked or stayed married without it.
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I know , I know, and I don't think I would have ever made it w/o the Xanax-at least when my panic attacks or anger kicked in I had that for a life saver.  I hated the drugged hangovers each morning.  I kept asking my Psychiatrist to give me the Happy Pills that all the movie stars get.  I even told him one time if you don't give me the happy pills I'll start seeking street drugs and he just said "Be MY Guest",  I am glad the Lexapro is helping you.  There is a book out called "Real Magic" by Dr Wayne W. Dyer.  It really helped me in my darkest hours when Suicide was on my mind but my Religious beliefs and the grief it would cause my family got in the way.  Had I followed thru I would never have got to see my latest grand-daughter and she would grow up hearing her grandpa killed himself.  I posted her picture on my profile a little while ago.  I want to see her grow up.  Looking forward to going home and returning to work at long last. franke
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