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13.5 Weeks

I had a protected encounter with a CSW in Jan. Protected sex, protected oral and unprotected masturbation. After a day or so I developed a sore on my inner thigh. There was no vigorous grinding or bumping and only lasted a few minutes. The sore had a red base and was leaking clear fluid. I didn't have time to get a swab. I put lotriderm on it and it healed over a couple of days. Whilst that was healing i broke out in a rash. My groins, pubic area and scrotum were red. No lesions but it burnt. I had this a week before the encounter so didnt think much of it and applied the lotriderm. Went after 5 days. I was also on doxycycline for folliculitis. A week after that I noticed my penis glans had become dry to the point you could see the capillaries. A couple of flat red shiny pin sized spots developed. This has not gone away. Since this, every couple of weeks my left groin gets this red raw skin which follows the crease. I apply moisturizer and it helps massively. I cross my legs a lot. Anyway I tested for herpes 13.5 weeks later and my scores are HSV1 0.018 and HSV2 <0.500. Should I retest at 16 weeks? My test was an Elisa igg test.
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A sore developing after a day wouldn't be from any STD - that's too soon.

Since you are responding to the moisturizer, I'd guess it's really dry skin, or eczema or something along those lines. After we get through the covid stuff, you might want to see your doctor about this, but I don't think this is an STD. Your doctor may have a cream that helps resolve this more than your normal cream does. It could also be a fungal infection from the antibiotic, which is quite common.

Your herpes test at 13.5 weeks is conclusive. It's not herpes.

If it continues to bother you, or gets worse, see your doc or a dermatologist, but you can rest assured it's not an STD.

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Thank you for your advice. I was on the doxycycline for 50 days. Since I've finished the course my symptoms haven't alleviated and despite using cortizone cream on my penis glans, for 2 weeks, it hasn't been resolved. But thanks again for the reassurance.  It's been a nightmare and to put the cherry on the cake the lockdown has made it difficult not to alleviate my worries.
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Just to add a couple of things. The sore on my inner thigh was over a hair follicle and I was wearing tight jeans, so I'm wondering if it was just an irritated hair follicle. I had a dermatologist who looked at my groin a week before and said I had eczema. A couple of weeks after I went to my GP who looked at my glans and groin and said nothing looked untoward and agreed with the derm about eczema in my groin folds. No blisters have occurred on the base of my penis. The only thing that has got me worried is that I fingered her and touched my penis 10-15 mins after. The timing of these symptoms has got me worried and the recurrence of this sore red skin in my groin. If anyone can give  me some reassurance that would be great.
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50 days of doxy?? Did your doctor put you on it for that long? For what? If you didn't have a fungal infection after that, it would be miraculous.

Hands never spread STDs. Even if you had fingered her and then immediately touched yourself, it just doesn't work that way. It's just not efficient enough. Herpes is also spread by direct skin to skin contact, meaning direct oral to genital contact (like oral sex), genital to genital contact, or genital to anal contact. It takes unclothed, direct skin to skin touching with friction. Even a brief touch won't transmit it.

Hands get exposed to air, and after 10 or 15 min, you've touched other things, so STDs don't transmit like that. I promise, you won't be the first.

So treat the eczema, and you'll be fine. Follow up with the derm if you need more treatment, but it's not an STD.
You're telling me. The derm said the doxycycline was for my folliculitis and the lotriderm for my eczema. I would use the lotriderm more but I'm aware it can thin the skin which is why i think it keeps coming back so often. A virtual hug to you, you've been a great help.
Yes, I used a similar cream on my face for a long time, and ended up with a hot mess. I use CeraVé now, which has helped. I can't say it will help you - face vs genitals, etc etc., but ask your derm.

https://www.amazon.co.uk/Ointment-with%C3%82-Petrolatum-Ceramides-Protecting-Soothing/dp/B016F3MGQ6 is what I use (I'm in the US, but I think you're in the UK, based on your meds. If I'm wrong, I'm sorry.)

Good luck, and virtual hugs back to you. :)
Oh and if your doc says it's okay, use it SPARINGLY. It's an ointment, so it's greasy, and a very little bit goes a long way.
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