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hello doc .. as u soon about my complains ... well to start off with before 3 weeks before  i was diagonised with abscess .. nothing on the outer layer .. its bit swollen inside the skin ... they prescribed me flucloxaclin 500 mg .. and they asked me to take 4 tablets  each day  for 7 days ... i took it for 3 days .. i got healed and i discontinued ... now from yesterday  it reoccurred and i started taking tablets again .. i went to doctor today they told me .. the reson y it occurred cox i havnt fnsd my course ... they prescribed me the same tablet now ... my question is is it related to herpes .. as u mentioned any infection might occur .. tat sy am asking u this ... u response will be really appreciated ...

This discussion is related to herpes concern plzzz do giude me .
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your post got bumped off the expert forum. it's been too long since you paid to post there to add onto it. you'll need to pay again to post there if you want Terri's advice.

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