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Am I being paranoid?

So basically  I am a very paranoid person concerning this issue and have had numerous tests in the past all negative. Swab and blood. I have had genital sensitivity  in the past which my doctor has diagnosed  as contact dermatitis. I recently had un protected sex with a new person, a few days later I got the same symptoms  I have had before, tender soreness and dry skin which I put down as dermatitis again as I had shaved and used perfumed shower gel. Now 12 days later I have a sore throat,headache and generally  an unwell feeling. As the genital  symptoms  are the same as I have always experienced  and always tested negative each time, I dont want to be too paranoid  and run off getting tests again. But should I be worried? Again just genital sensitivity, no lumps,sores doesnt hurt when I pee etc
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No sore probably means no herpes.

You should really stop using a perfumed shower gel on your genitals. Perhaps that's contributing to your condition.

A headache, sore throat and general malaise, can be from so many things - allergies, covid, any number of upper respiratory illnesses.

Since you had unprotected sex, it's not unreasonable to test. Your symptoms don't sound like herpes, and a blood test might not be positive yet anyway, but it might be a good idea to get tested to put your mind at ease.

Because you get so paranoid about these things, maybe you should be really careful to not have unprotected sex. No judgement - just saying that it might benefit your mental health to wear condoms.

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Thank you for your reply. Yes you are right, it was my first time in years unprotected  I thought I might have been past this paranoia. Just to clarify reading older posts here on this topic and the old doctors forum, flu like symptoms  usually accompany a painful primary outbreak of genital sores? Thanks for your help. It's not easy to get a test where I live
Yes, flu like symptoms can accompany a primary outbreak, or recurrences, but a sore throat isn't one of them for genital herpes.

You should see your doctor for your symptoms, and any STD testing you can get, because you did have unprotected sex.

We've spoken before about herpes, and I know you have a huge anxiety about it. Have you ever gotten counseling for your anxiety? Now would be a really good time to do that.  
Yes I've done full councelling  for this, I suppose  it will never go away. Just in relation  to my last question reading an old post of dr hh he stated if there was flu like symptoms this would only be alongside a typical painful outbreak. Would you agree that would be the case? If this was a primary outbreak as I've had all negative  tests before shouldn't  the symptoms  be different  then my usual irritation? I've seen my doctor  regarding  feeling  I'll and got a covid test. Thanks again. I will get all relevant  std test at the appropriate  time I just dont want to get into a panicked state again for the next 16 weeks and the igg test is hard to get and expensive where I am
Yes, I would agree with your doctor about that. Other symptoms don't happen without an outbreak. I know this is a weak spot for you with anxiety, but you don't need to be in a panicked state.

There are also a decent number of false positives on the IgG test, so I don't think you should get that test unless you get symptoms, especially since it's so hard to get and expensive where you are. To sort out a false positive, you'd need a Western Blot test, and while I don't know where you are, I'd guess it's not available if the IgG is so hard to get for you.

Anxiety doesn't go away, but it can be managed. I hope you find some coping skills, if nothing else. :)
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