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I've been with my partner for a year a half now.. both very devoted to one another. His mom even just got off the phone w me and told me I don't need to worry so much about cold sores, just because it's caused by hsv, doesn't make me any less worthy... but she doesn't know I'm worried about everything! Like the possibility of hsv-2 and both of us having no signs or symptoms.

I was tested about half way thru the first yr and everything came back negative.
He however, hasn't been tested since we've been together. He has been tested for HIV/AIDS, which was neg.
I haven't seen any symptoms of anything and says he never had any strange things pop up ever before.  Both of us actually seem VERY okay in that region..

He went through an intense prob with valley fever last yr..which I expect would have quite an effect on his immune system with the stress his body went through and all. ...But no symptoms of ghsv then either...I'm always stressing and my health has been up and down...I don't eat very regularly, as my weight goes up and down..all factors I would think would trigger an outbreak..but nothing either.

I'm just constantly, nono, CONSTAAAANTLY worrying now about our sexual health. Because I've read maybe, a little bit too much into hsv because I was worrying after a night of sharing drinks with a friend and wanted to know the odds of catching hsv that way. ....about 2 weeks since then, I've been worrying now about what if he has hsv-2 and has never showed symptoms, therefor, passing it onto me and I never showing symptoms?? or the other way around.
I hate how I am living right now. I hate it, I am always ONLY thinking of sexual health. And I can't get tested until Jan of next yr because of insurance issues. We are both 22 and otherwise healthy people. However, I have hpv and had abnormal pap smears of low grade risk and just this past month, results came back...better than low grade. Almost normal. Forgot the title. We agreed to both get tested in Jan but have recently been thinking maybe he should in a couple months, to ease my worries if god forbid, i'm still such a mess even by then.

I have been checking myself every single time I get a moment alone in a room and I don't want to be doing this anymore. Can anyone help me before I lose my mind?? I just want to know the likelihood of having ghsv..I've got no reason to suspect, yet because I read you can show no symptoms and still have it, THAT'S got my nerves in major chaos. :[
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you need to speak to a therapist. your anxiety about std's is out of control and unwarranted from the sounds of things. all the std testing in the world isn't going to help you with whatever is behind all this worrying about things like this.

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