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Can you get yeast infection after outbreaks?

I have had several bad OB, I am having one now! :(. I find that after the bad ones, it appears that I get a bad yeast infection, or is it part of the symptoms?

Also, my doctor prescribed the Ayclovir(?) cream, and not the ointment.  The cream brochure specifically says NOT FOR GENITAL AREA, so why would it be prescribed specifically for genital area?
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your provider is way behind in their info for genital herpes :(  The cream isn't effective for genital herpes recurrences.  you need to have oral antivirals on hand to start at the very first sign of a recurrence.  if you are getting ob's more than a few times a year, consider daily suppressive therapy.

not too unusual for a recurrence to alter the ph of the vagina to trigger a yeast infection. same as sometimes it's the start of the vaginitis that triggers the recurrence. just make sure you get properly tested for yeast before you treat. women only currently guess yeast vaginitis 1/3 of the time so it's well worth testing to confirm yeast and not bv or something else going on.
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